Saturday, March 28, 2015

The Bigger Picture - the Big Painting Challenge Artists have an Exhibition

I've been really enjoying The Big Painting Challenge  and am looking forward to the Final tomorrow night on BBC1

However that's not the end of it! In April the artists are holding a Joint Exhibition under the title The Bigger Picture - and I've just had my Private View Invitation! :)

The Bigger Picture Exhibition

Here's the details of their exhibition for your diary:

Exhibition Dates: 15th - 26th April 2015

Exhibition Venue: Lauderdale House
Highgate Hill, Waterlow Park, London N6 5HG (tel : 020 8348 8716)

Exhibition Open: Wed-Fri 11am-4pm; Sunday 10am-5pm

There's a special "Meet the Artists" Event on Sunday 26th April between 11 - 5 p.m

Tate Britain exhibition

Two paintings by the winner will also be displayed at Tate Britain between 30 March – 12 April 2015

The Artists

The 10 artists who participated in the The Big Painting Challenge were the "last painters standing" from the 6,000 who applied to be part of this televised art  competition

These are the websites of the artists involved in the series. The first link is to their page on the Bigger Picture website and then their website and social media links after that.

I look at hundreds if thousands of artists website each year and found it very interesting to look at the artwork on their websites and Facebook Pages. I suggest you take a look.

The women

The men

The Big Painting Challenge - my blog posts

For anybody who has not yet caught up with my blog posts about The Big Painting Challenge you can read them below

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  1. I've also really enjoyed it, the programme did a great job in conveying the concentration & skills required, and the stress of painting under pressure. I've been surprised at the amount of criticism of the criticism, I thought most of it was fair and accurate. A well deserved winner, he was in front from the start I felt.


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