Thursday, March 05, 2015

Update re: Nelson Shanks portrait of Bill Clinton

Daphne Todd OBE (Past President of the Royal Society of Portrait Painters and currently judging the BBC programme on 'The Big Painting Challenge') was invited to speak on yesterday's Today programme on Radio 4 on the topic of hidden motifs in and the ethics of Nelson Shanks painting of Bill Clinton - and the rights of the artist.

Daphne does not hold back and is very amusing!

"It's not one of Nelson Shanks's best paintings"

She is joined by Georgina Adam who is the Art Market Correspondent at The Financial Times and Art Market Editor at Large at The Art Newspaper.

You can listen to their comments in yesterday's Today programme on BBC Radio 4 iPlayer Radio

Start listening at 2:54:30

I found Daphne's comments that it's the artist's right to paint the portrait they want to paint to be very interesting.

Her comments as to why it's wise to be nice to your portrait painter are also very funny!

Also see my previous post Can a portrait artist play fast and loose with a commission?

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