Thursday, March 19, 2015

See the results of the Sketchoff

The 90 minute WHS / Derwent Pencils Sketchoff (spin off from The Big Painting Challenge) on Tuesday night is over.

some of the entries for the WH Smith / Derwent Pencils sketchoff.
You can see 

It's always  interesting to see how so many people can see and draw the same image differently!

The three winners of the prize on offer from Derwent Pencils were:
Here's my "fast" 20 minutes pen and ink version in my Moleskine sketchbook with a little bit of coloured pencil added in at the end.

my pen and ink sketch of Una Stubbs (8" x 5")
in my Moleskine Sketchbook

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Felicity Deverell said...

Very interesting to see the different styles of drawing. I like the touch of colour in yous.