Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The Big Painting Challenge - the artists' blog posts

One of the things about blogs is you get to say what your experience was like as well as showing people what your painting looks like.

That's all the more important when you're painting on BBC1 and your paintings are being criticised in full view of the nation - and your comments get edited down (as do the Judges!)

So here for posterity are all the blog posts I could find  by the artists participating in The Final of The Big Painting Challenge - plus a couple of the other artists who blogged about their experiences.

Paul Bell - The Winner

You can read Paul Bell's posts about how he became the winner on his website's blog http://paulbellart.co.uk/#blog.

He was also the only artist who managed a blog post about each episode - so well done Paul on that count too!

Claire Parker - Finalist

You can read Claire's post about The Final - Worse things happen at sea - on her website Home is where the blog is.

She writes well and has some interesting blog posts written as a spinoff to her experience - do have a read.

Richard Salter - Finalist

Richard has been painting studio responses to his episodes

Amy Goldring - Finalist

Amy doesn't have a blog but you can read The Big Painting Challenge: An Exclusive Interview with Amy Goldring

Other artists 

You can read interviews and blog posts using the links below. You can
Plus you can read all about Anne Blankson-Hemans and her art in a five page article in the May Edition of The Artist Magazine - now available online and in the shops.

This evening I'm going to a Private View of Daphne Todd's latest exhibition at Messum's in Cork street which opens tomorrow. I have my critique book to hand.... ;)

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  1. Another great post, you are amazing, thank you Katherine. With holidays coming up, I will catch up on your coverage and links. Unfortunately I have not seen the shows, BBC does not broadcast abroad.. but your posts have made this very interesting. Hope you have a great Easter holiday.


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