Thursday, January 08, 2015

The cartoons of 'Je Suis Charlie'

We are now seeing the power of the pencil drawing over the gun.  People are fighting back with their pens and pencils.

Yesterday's terrorist atrocity in Paris has led to an outpouring of new cartoons being posted on Twitter - and pencils and pens being held up at demonstrations or surrounded by lights at vigils - all over the world, in many different countries.

These are images from the Je Suis Charlie demonstration in Trafalgar Square last night.
Here are some of the sites where you can see the cartoons which are being drawn for the murdered cartoonists, journalists and policement who were all doing their job in a country which prizes 'free speech' as an essential attribute of its democracy.

Slate is a French site which is collecting and posting cartoons in response to the events of yesterday as they are published - in Charlie Hebdo: les hommages en dessins aux dessinateurs tués

Some of the cartoons drawn after the massacre at and around the Charlie Hebdo offices in Paris on 7th January 2015

Yesterday the Washington Post highlighted has the cartoonists' riposte to the atrocity in Paris in #JeSuisCharlie: Cartoonists react to the Charlie Hebdo massacre in Paris this morning. Lots of cartoons which 'hit the spot'.

The Daily Beast focuses on those cartoons in the newspapers which did not make it on to Twitter in World Cartoonists: Je Suis Charlie (Photos).

Vox has highlighted 12 powerful political cartoons responding to the Charlie Hebdo attack

Here are some of the ORIGINAL tweets - with links to the originators

I do not agree with what you have to say, but I'll defend to the death your right to say it.Voltaire

Le Figaro is a French daily newspaper founded in 1826.

Here's the original by Lucille Clerc - a French Graphic designer / Illustrator / Printmaker with a studio near me in East London

Satish Acharya is an Editorial cartoonist in Kundapura (in Udupi, India) who normally cartoons about cricket and Indian politics!

David Pope is a political cartoonist at the The Canberra Times in Australia. He comments in a video here
It's absolutely outrageous that cartoonists should be targeted for drawing pictures

Francisco J. Olea is a Chilean illustrator

Jean Jullien is a French graphic designer currently living in London


  1. Oh thank you Katherine for posting all of these, you have the feeling so many were drawn through tear-blurred eyes. I, too, am devastated by slaughter over penline and words - and so sad about these creative, smart people. Reading your post I began to wonder what if this sort of stuff were on every magazine, every newspaper - like your artist says: "Break one, thousand will rise."

  2. It is time for us all to speak! The playground bully now carries a gun, but that is the only difference! The attack and those before it and those that will follow are a sign that the attackers feel threatened by the truth being presented. The world must not allow terror in any form to succeed ! The freedom of speech and expression of one is the freedom of us all! "Je suis Charlie!"


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