Saturday, January 03, 2015

Out with the old and in with the new

Following on my from last post, here's a round up of blog posts by artists looking back at 2014 and/or looking forward to 2015.  You might find a few tips in these as well!

Head of Janus, Vatican museum, Rome
Wikimedia Commons

Looking backwards

Facing Both Ways

  • Jeanette Jobson (Illustrated Life) came up with a Top 10 of 2014 and a new outlook for 2015. Here's wishing a better New Year to Jeanette whose mother passed away two days before Christmas

I've closed the door on 2014 and am looking forward to a new year full of challenges and opportunities. Health, happiness and creativity is all I wish for you. I know for some it can be difficult to find even one of these and especially all three together at times, but we can still wish for them, can't we?

Looking Forwards

In years past I would often have big lists of goals....New Year's resolutions. It was overwhelming to keep track of and to know where to begin. I have been able to whittle the list down and this year there is nothing on the list except to Simply Paint.

and finally....

there was my post on New Year's Day - which, in case you missed it, I'll reprise here - 7 Tips for a New Start in Art in 2015

If you've got a blog post which could usefully be added in to the above drop me a line via the comments function - just click comments below.


Unknown said...

This is great Katherine, I really love reading artists year end reviews and resolutions for the new year ahead! It's an exciting time to take stock of where you've been and helps you to see more clearly where you're going. I've just published the first of my four part 2014 review on my blog today.

Unknown said...

My 2015 forward looking post is at
Thanks for all the great stuff on your blog!

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