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My book - what happened next

My book published at the beginning of this month. Below I highlight what has happened since publication and the many different countries where you can now find it!

Drawing Sketching 365 Tips and Techniques
My book - with 365 tips and techniques for drawing and sketching
with three different spines, titles and covers for the three different editions of my book
(top) UK (middle) USA (bottom) English edition for Asia
It's still the same book inside the covers!

So what's happened since publication?

A lot! I really very much appreciate:
It is packed choc a bloc with so much information, from how to draw to what to use, how to sharpen a pencil even, and drawings on every page. A feast of sketches you wish you'd done yourself, and not all by Katherine but loads of guest artists, different styles, different materials. I wish I'd had this book at the start of my arty journey. It would have saved a lot of time. Mary Kemp - Why I Love "Sketching 365" by Katherine Tyrrell
This is a specialised and practical anthology of drawing methods and techniques. Focusing on media of all kinds, from pen to pastel, and carbon to crayon, the possibilities are both lavish and simple, splendid and modest, and accompanied by carefully organised tips and guidelines that flow through the pages like a rainbow of ideas yet to be discovered. Coral Guest A New Book by Katherine Tyrrell
It’s a book about drawing, all sorts of drawing, and it will be helpful to anyone who draws, for whatever reason, or anyone who would like to. Organized into 365 points or tips, the book is both encyclopedic and accessible. Tyrrell’s writing style is clear and calm. The lucidity of her text is matched by the excellent design of the book’s interior, which is clean, crisp, and visually balanced. Laura Murphy (on Amazon)
  • Reviews on have all been five stars which is AMAZING!  Only four so far but hopefully more to come as these do make a big difference - as you can see below. On Drawing 365 is currently
    • #2 in the Hot New Releases list of books about Drawing
    • #28 in the Hot New Releases list of books about Art & Photography!!!
    Drawing 365 is #2 in the top new releases in books about drawing on
    • For those living in the rest of the world - Sketching 365 is now also being listed on Amazon (as an English Language book) 
I never thought I'd see my drawing on the book cover in Japan
(I think they probably ought to be listing the "English for Asia" edition!)
  • Many thanks to those who have shared photos of the book in bookshops. I get a really big thrill about these - it's like sending your children out into the world and being surprised where they get to. That's very 'cheesy' I know but I'm not going to lie that's really what it feels like! I absolutely loved it when I got the very first one (in New York - below) from Bernadette Madden. I'm also posting these to Facebook - and now the bookshops are joining in as well! 
    I cannot tell you how weird it feels to know that MY BOOK is in
    Barnes and Noble bookshop at 54th and 3rd in New York City!!!
    Very many thanks to Bernadette Madden for the photo
  • plus, of course, the bookshops have been listing it. All those in the UK will know that getting listed by a chain like WH Smith is a very big deal!  I've even discovered online book sites in Canada, DenmarkEstonia, Poland, the Czech Republic, India, USA and New Zealand which are listing it (even if it is not yet available to order at the latter - presumably they're waiting for stock)!
  • and finally Drawing 365 has been listed on Goodreads
  • The article about my Book on Artists Network
    Drawing Basics: Learn 10 New Habits
    By: Cherie Haas, Online Editor | January 13, 2015
    In terms of Editorial: Last week, my new book - and the headlines of my first 10 tips - were highlightedin an article called Drawing Basics: Learn 10 New Habits by Cherie Haas on the Artists Network. "Drawing Basics" is the title of the first major chapter in my Book - and "Learn Ten New Habits" is the very first section in that chapter.  I decided to start the book by focusing on drawing in terms of behaviour rather than skills - because I really believe it's the habit of drawing and the habits you can develop associated with drawing which really help improve confidence and drawing ability.  However a few other tips can also help too... ;) PLUS There's an interview with me about My Favourite Things in the February edition of "Artists and Illustrators".
Note: My book is one book inside - but it has three different titles, covers and publishers. These are:
  • "Drawing 365" - published on the 1st January in the USA  by North Light Books
  • "Sketching 365" - published on the 8 January in the UK by Apple Press - this blog post provides the list of artists included in the book
  • 365 Hints & Tips for Drawing & Sketching is the English Language version in Asia published by Page One Publishing.

My biggest thank you....

.... has to go to the artists who contributed images to the book

I've started sharing information about who these artists are - and their images - on the book's Facebook page and will be continuing to do for some time to come! Sharing images has been considerably helped by the latest "3 drawings a day for five days" challenge currently viral on Facebook. 

 What I'm very struck by is how different everybody's drawings are. That's very much what the book is about - helping people gain confidence and realise their potential to be their own inner artist - with their own very unique style!



Elsie Hickey Wilson said...

I am really you have three separate books,different from each other or do you have one book that is publish in three places in the world under different titles and covers? Should I try to buy all three or just the USA version? Thanks.

Making A Mark said...

Elsie - it is confusing isn't it? I'll go and add a sentence into the blog post to make it clearer

I have just one book - which offers 365 tips and techniques designed to help build confidence in drawing and sketching

There are:
* 3 different titles - for
* published by 3 DIFFERENT publishers - each of which has its own specific territory as to its "rights to publish".

Unfortunately Amazon has NOT yet grasped this fact and continues to list "Drawing 365" next to "Sketching 365" despite the fact that they are the same book and despite that they have been told this (as I understand).

To complicate matters further - in the future there may well be more editions (in different languages) because the publishing house which commissioned me (Quarto/Rotovision) specialises in selling internationally - and hence selling language translation rights for books to be typically published by a publisher who is native to that country/language (eg France and French)

That's why I find it so interesting how far the English Language editions have got under their own steam as it were!

B. J. Adams Art said...

I had requested and received your book for Christmas. Since then I have shown it at two meetings and others are now buying it so we are spreading your wonderfully complete information about drawing. We all appreciate it and your many blogs even though I do not often comment.
BJ Adams

Making A Mark said...

Thanks BJ - much appreciated - both re. book and your comment about my blogs.

Pappersdraken said...

I just recieved your book and so far it looks great! I have had to hide it from my husband, otherwise he would snatch it and read it himself!:-)
I live in Sweden and ordered it from a swedish online bookshop called Adlibris.
Thankfully I have some days off work, they will be spent reading your book and practising. So nice to hear it has got such a great start all over the world!

Making A Mark said...

Oh - I'm so pleased to hear you like it! :)

Do please give it a review if you feel able when you've had a good look.

Jane Davenport | Artomologist said...

Congratulations! My book I was just released too, and is sitting right there next to yours in that Amazon screenshot. I enjoy your blog, and when I saw my books cover in your post It was a wonderful surprise for me! (I hope mine gets picked up by different publishers too, that would be fun!) . Draw on!
Cheers, Jane Davenport

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