Monday, January 05, 2015

My Favourite Things

a crop of the images in the interview
There's an interview with me in the February edition of "Artists and Illustrators" - the topic is 'My Favourite Things".

How else do you explain the juxtaposition of Whistler's Venice, Hockney's 'A Bigger Picture' and Albrecht Durer's 'The Great Piece of Turf' - alongside a drawing of my favourite place to sketch? :) (Plus a rare photo of me!)

I was asked about a number of topics which I'm sharing with you below.

See if you can come up with answers to the following. The trick is being able to come up with a brief explanation!

My Favourite Things

  • My place to draw
  • My top sketching tool
  • My dream painting to own
  • My place to find new art
  • My bookmarked blog
  • My coffee-table read
  • My favourite tutor
  • My last favourite exhibition

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Anonymous said...

I'd say these were good questions as now I am intrigued... I'd like to know about your bookmarked blog, coffee-table read and favourite exhibition. Love the look of the new issue - fabulous cover + the tips on how to paint like Sargent make it a very desirable item. K.