Thursday, January 29, 2015

Social Media: How Long is Optimal?

Length is everything - right?

Especially in social media.

So the theory goes that there is (1) an "optimal length" and (2) that this can be measured scientifically.

Which is why, if you are an artist trying to talk about and market your art via social media you will want to read:

The Best Length for Social Media

  • characters in 
    • tweets, 
    • Facebook posts, 
    • URLs for domain names (excluding .com), 
    • hashtags, 
    • a Google+ headline, 
    • an email subject line, 
    • an SEO title tag - the first 55 characters are critical!
  • words in a 
    • blog post title / headline
    • LinkedIn Post
    • a blogpost
  • width (in characters) of an opening paragraph (remember everybody is now reading on mobile devices), 
  • length of:
    • a YouTube video
    • a podcast (how many podcasts start with the hosts droning on about how they are today and what they'd like to remind you about before they on to the nub of the podcast - how much time do they waste etc etc?)
    • a presentation
    • a slideshare
  • size of a Pinterest image
To snag a PDF version of the infographic, download it here
A more printer-friendly version has also been compiled by the SumAll blog and you can download that from here

[Note this is the wierdest infographic I've ever come across - the code doesn't produce an image that fits the blog width and any effort to produce an image which does fit doesn't work. It's absolutely impossible to make it the width or length you want - which is rather ironic in the circumstances!]

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