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Major Art Competitions in the UK in 2014

This is my annual post about Major Art Competitions in the UK. Below you will find a list of all ALL major art competitions in the UK in 2014 plus:
  • an overview of what each competition is about
  • links to more information
  • key dates - including the deadline for entry where known.
First a preamble about other useful information

Bookmark for Updates

Information is updated - as it becomes available - on Major UK Art Competitions Page (a static page at the top of this blog - just under the title).  Future information will include links to:
  • Call for Entries
  • Announcement of selected artists 
  • Names and websites of artists shortlisted for Prizes
  • Exhibition reviews 

Archive of Information about Art Competitions in the UK 

My website Art Competitions in the UK provides an archive of information about past art competitions and reviews of works selected for precious competition exhibitions. It also includes links to:

Tips for artists entering juried / open art competitions and exhibitions

You may find my blog posts from the past helpful

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Pre-selected, selected, long listed, shortlisted, prizewinner - what's in a phrase?
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A Making A Mark Guide: Analysing the cost of entering a juried art exhibitionDownload my FREE spreadsheet which acts as a checklist and helps you to cost out your entry
The Websites of Contemporary Painters in the UKget your website sorted BEFORE you enter a juried art competition or miss out on the traffic when the names of selected artists are announced!

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Please note that this post EXCLUDES 
  • Art Society Open Exhibitions. However I cover the major open exhibitions organised by national art societies which I will cover in  a future post Key Dates for UK National Art Society Exhibitions in 2014
  • art competitions based in the UK which have a first prize of less than £10,000 (unless they are the major award for that type of art eg Jerwood Drawing Prize)

Major Art Competitions in the UK in 2014

The listing is organised according to:
  • the month of the deadline for initial entries
  • information available at the beginning of January 2014 
If you're planning an art competition, please note that busy professional artists can and do plan the year ahead. Making information available on a timescale which gives time to plan and prepare tends to result in a better calibre of entry.

January 2014

RWS Open Competition 2014

RWS Contemporary Open website

    Deadline for Entries - 14th January 2014, 12.00 noon - digital entry

    Type of art: aims to encourage innovation and experimentation in water-based mediums and seeks practising artists at the forefront of watercolour painting.

    Eligible media: Water-based paints

    Eligible artists: Any artist (providing they are not a member of the RWS) working with water-based media can apply.  International applications welcomed


    Prize: Cash prizes are not significant. This is the route to entry to membership of the RWS.

    Judges: RWS selection panel + 2 independent persons
    • Matthew Collings Artist, Critic, Writer and Broadcaster
    • Anne Lyles Art Historian and Curator
    • Thomas Plunkett PRWS Hon RI President of the Royal Watercolour Society
    • Wendy Jacob VPRWS Vice President of the Royal Watercolour Society
    • Bridget Moore ARWS RBA NEAC Associate Member of the Royal Watercolour Society
    Exhibition Location: Bankside Gallery

    Call for entriesRWS - Call for Entries Entry Pack for RWS Contemporary Watercolour Competition 2014

    2014 Exhibition Dates: Friday 7 - Wednesday 19 March, 11am-­‐6pm

    Archive: see Making A Mark - RWS Contemporary Watercolour Competition 2013 - exhibition review (includes images of work in the exhibition)

    Lynn Painter Stainers Prize 2014

    Lynn Painter Stainers website

    Deadline - Artwork: Online entry by 29 January 2014, by 5pm

    Type of art: The Prize encourages the very best creative representational painting and promotes the skill of draughtsmanship

    Eligible media
    • two dimensional works in any painting or drawing media completed in the last 3 years and not previously exhibited. 
    • No dimension (including frame) larger than 72 inches (183 cms).  
    • All works must be for sale except commissioned portraits
    Eligible artists: UK adult artists only ie over 18 on 12 January 2013 and resident in the United Kingdom, Channel Islands or Isle of Man.

    : First Prize: £15,000; 5 Runner-Up Prizes each at: £1,500; Young Artist Award: £2,500

    Website: http://www.lynnpainterstainersprize.org.uk / Parker Harris who administer

    Call for entrieshttp://www.lynnpainterstainersprize.org.uk/info-for-artists/ and Rules & Guidelines.

    The 2014 judges include:
    • Peter Clossick, Artist
    • Ken Howard OBE RA NEAC, Artist
    • Paul Newland, Artist
    • Steve Pill, Editor, Artists & Illustrators Magazine
    • Andrew Wilton, Visiting Research Fellow at Tate Britain

    A panel of expert judges will review the images and select approximately 200 actual works to be submitted to FBA for final judging.  Unclear whether final judges are the same as those who screen the digital images.

    Selected Artists

    • 2013 data: 87 works hung
    • 2012 data: 1,150 entries; 98 selected and hung in the exhibition = 8.5% chance of a work being selected 
    Exhibition Dates18 – 22 March 2014 at Mall Galleries, The Mall, London SW1, 10am-5pm daily Plus online exhibition (2013 online exhibition

    See Lynn Painter Stainers Prize 2013 - Selected Artists and Lynn Painter Stainer Exhibition 2013: Review

    Wildlife Artist of the Year (David Shepherd)

    Deadline - Registration: The closing date is 20th January 2014
    Type of art: Wildlife Art - an international open competition. Seven categories of entry
    Eligible media
    • any medium except photography and film  and electronically created artwork
    • Artwork must be original work of the artist ie Artists using exact reference from another professional artist or photographer risk having their work rejected. 
    • Artwork must have been completed within the 5 years prior to the deadline so you cannot enter any artwork that you completed before 21st January 2009.
    Eligible artists: Both amateur and professional artists aged 17 years and over on 21 January 2013. No distinction is made in the judging for the relative status of the artist.

    Prizes: Overall Winner £10,000 cash prize and title 'Wildlife Artist of the Year 2013' ; Overall Runner-Up £1,000 cash prize. Remaining Category Winners £500 each.

    Website: http://www.davidshepherd.org/way/
    Call for entries: terms and conditions

    Online or Physical Entry: entry online or by post

    FAQS: http://www.davidshepherd.org/way/faq.php

    Entry form: online entry form; multiple entries allowed

    Exhibition: 2nd-7th June, 2014 at the Mall Galleries, London

    Archive: see Wildlife Artist of the Year run by the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation

    Contact: please contact DSWF by emailway@davidshepherd.org (but see terms and conditions first)

    February 2013

    BP Portrait Award 2013

    The work entered should be a painting based on a sitting or study from lifeand the human figure must predominate.
    Making A Mark overview: see BP Portrait Award 2014 - Call for Entries

    Deadline - Registration: (entry forms and entry fees) Monday 3 February 2014

    Type of art: Portrait paintings

    • First Prize: £30,000, plus, at the judges’ discretion, a commission worth £5,000, to be agreed between the National Portrait Gallery and the artist.
    • Second Prize: £10,000
    • Third Prize: £8,000
    • BP Travel Award 2014: £6,000

    Eligible work/media:
    • one entry per artist
    • the portrait must be recent i.e. it MUST have been completed after 1 January 2013
    • Painting based on sitting or observation from life. 
    • You need to have met the sitter - the entry form includes a box which requires you to tick to say you have met the sitter. 
    • Dimensions: maximum size (framed): 244 x 244cm (96″ x 96″); minimum size (unframed): 25 x 20cm (10” x 8”)
    • must NOT be signed on the front
    The work entered must be predominantly painted in oil, tempera or acrylic and must be on a stretcher or board, preferably framed and unglazed. No watercolours, works on paper or pastels will be considered.
    Eligible artists: all artists living anywhere in the world who are aged 18 and over on 1st January 2013.

    :  http://www.npg.org.uk/whatson/exhibitions/bp-portrait-award-2014.php

    Call for entries: NPG / BP Portrait Award 2014 - How to enter

    Online or Physical Entry: Online Registration  To request a postal entry form call 020 7321 6699 or write to NPG

    Deadline - Artwork: various dates in early-mid March
    Entry form:  Complete the online entry form here or download a postal entry form from the website (PDF) from the National Portrait Gallery

    Exhibition: National Portrait Gallery, London followed by a tour to two other venues in the UK. Some 285,000 people came to see the BP Portrait exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery in 2013.

    Selected Artists: those selected for 2013 exhibition will be notified by Wednesday 26 March 2014.
    2013 Exhibition Review:
    In the future I will publish on this blog:
    • a reminder about the deadline for entries
    • the list of artists selected for the exhibition
    • the list of shortlisted artists 
    • an article about the awards ceremony
    • features about the prizewinning artists 
    • a video of the exhibition
    • an announcement of the people's favourite plus an analysis of relevant statistics 

    Wildlife Artist of the Year (BBC)

    It's unclear whether the competition is being run this year, there's nothing on the website http://www.discoverwildlife.com 

    The Royal Academy of Art - Summer Exhibition 2013

    A perspective on the Summer Exhibition 2013

    Making A Mark overview: RA Summer Exhibition 2014 goes totally digital! includes tips about entry to the Summer Exhibition and in particular the mandatory digital entry this year

    Deadline - RegistrationDeadline to pay fee / obtain entry form: 

    Type of art: UK's largest annual open art exhibition

    • Maximum of two works in total 
    • glazed works (watercolours, prints, drawings, photographs, etc) on paper; Unglazed works (oil, acrylic, etc); artist's books; video; sculpture, architectural drawings and models 
    • Preferably created within the last 2 years 
    • Maximum size (excluding sculpture) is 244 × 350cm 
    • ineligible work includes site specific work and work already exhibited elsewhere in London (excluding prints) 
    Eligible artists: no limitation

    Prize: £25,000 (The Royal Academy of Arts Charles Wollaston Award) plus various smaller prizes (see List of Prizes and FAQs)

    Call for entriesTerms and Conditions of entry. Plus Frequently Asked Questions

    Online or Physical Entry
    • Digital entry mandatory for the first time in 2014
    • shortlisted work invited to be submitted during April
    Selected Artists: the entry is capped at 12,000 works. It's expected that around 1200 artworks will be exhibited of which some 300 works belonged to artists who were not members of the RA.  Hence 2.5% chance of work being selected.

    Exhibition Location: Burlington House, Royal Academy of Arts (home of the RA) June - August 2014. Open to the public 

    Contact: summerexhibition@royalacademy.org.uk

    Comment: The Summer Exhibition is probably more notable being the largest open exhibition in the UK, its history and the overall size of the prize pot rather than the size of individual prizes. There are other exhibitions and art competitions in London which can match the top prize money.

    June 2013

    Sunday Times Watercolour Competition 2013

    Prizewinners - Sunday Times Watercolour Competition 2013

    Making A Mark overview:to be posted Sunday Times Watercolour Competition 2014 - Call for Entries

    Deadline - Registration: usually June (specific date to be announced)

    Type of art: This competition celebrates the diversity and beauty of the undervalued medium of watercolour and all types of work produced in water-based mediums, whether they are abstract, figurative or landscape.

    For reference see my posts in 2013:
    Eligible artwork/ media(based on previous years)  abstract, figurative or landscape artwork in watercolour. The paintings entered should have been:
    • carried out in the last three years 
    • not previously exhibited. 
    • the sole and original work of the entrant; it must be an original composition. 
    Eligible artists: all artists born or resident in the UK (no age limits)

    Prize: First Prize: £10,000; Second Prize: £6,000; Smith & Williamson Cityscape Prize: £1,500

    Website: Likely to be http://www.parkerharris.co.uk/competition/Sunday-Times-Watercolour-2014
    Call for entries: to be published

    Online or Physical Entry: Initial screening is via digital file. Invitation issued to submit actual artwork to FBA HQ.

    Selected artists: In 2013, 813 paintings were submitted by some 413 artists and 83 paintings by 79 artists made it through the selection process to be exhibited

    Exhibition Location: Mall Galleries, The Mall London

    Exhibition Dates: usually September 2013

    Archive: Sunday Times Watercolour Competition

    Contact: Parker Harris

    Jerwood Drawing Prize

    Making A Mark overviewpost about Call for Entries to be published when announced

    Deadline for Entries: usually June

    Type of art
    : The Jerwood Drawing Prize (£6,000) is the country’s leading award in drawing, and is the largest and longest running annual open exhibition dedicated to drawing in the UK. , the Prize aims to recognise and support both established and emerging artists. Each year between 60 and 70 artists are selected for the exhibition

    Prize: Prize fund increased by over 50% in 2012. First prize of £8,000, a second prize of £5,000 and two student awards of £2,000 each
    Eligible media: Any drawing media. Up to three drawings. An animated film drawn by the artist won the prize in 2012

    Eligible artists: Open to students and established artists - who are resident or domiciled in the UK.

    Website: http://jerwoodcharitablefoundation.org/jerwood-drawing-prize

    Call for entries: to be announced

    Online or Physical Entry: c. 3,000 entries were submitted in 2012
    Entry form: (to be published)

    Deadline - Artwork: June 2012 (to be published)

    Selected Artists:

    Exhibition: usually Jerwood Space - usually September - October followed by a tour of venues in the UK. Exact dates (to be published)

    ArchiveJerwood Drawing Prize

    July 2013

    The Derwent Art Prize 2014

    The aim of the Prize is to reward excellence through showcasing the very best international works created in pencil.
    Deadline for registration - to be announced likely to be June/July 2013 - digital entry 

    Type of art: contemporary drawing in pencil

    For reference see my posts:

    Eligible media: Pencil

    Eligible artistsall British and international artists - living and over 18 years old on 1st July 2014 (to be confirmed).  

    First Prize £5,000 Second Prize: £2,500


    Call for entries:
    to be announced 
    Website indicates information will be available soon - likely to open January 2014

    Online or Physical Entry: Initial submission is online and digital. Those who pass screening are required to submit artwork for consideration. Online pre-selection opens 4th April midday

    Deadline - Artwork: Notified to those artists who get through initial screening

    ExhibitionMall Galleries, The Mall London - dates to be announced (usually September/October)

    Selected Artists

    Exhibition: likely to be September 2014 Mall Galleries

      The Threadneedle Prize for Painting and Sculpture 2013

      Joint First prizewinners in 2013

      Deadline - Registrationto be announced - usually July

      Type of art: contemporary figurative and representational art. See my posts re 2013:
      Eligible media: likely to be "three new works created since 1 January 2013 - painting, sculpture and original prints"

      Eligible artists: likely to be "Artists of all nationalities aged 18 or over, living or working in the UK or Continental Europe"

      Prizes: (in previous years) Threadneedle Prize - £30,000; Visitors' Choice Award £10,000

      Website: http://www.threadneedleprize.com/

      Call for entries: (Reference: Making A Mark: One month left to enter £30,000 Threadneedle Prize)

      Online or Physical Entry: Initial submission is online and digital. Those who pass screening are required to submit artwork for consideration. Online pre-selection opens 4th April midday

      Deadline - Artwork: Notified to those artists who get through initial screening

      Exhibition: Mall Galleries, The Mall London - dates to be announced (usually September/October)

      Selected Artists:

      Archive: Previous exhibitions of The Threadneedle Prize

      Contact: Tel: 44 (0) 20 7930 6844 | threadneedleprize@mallgalleries.com

      The Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize 2013

      Prizewinners - Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize 2013
      Making A Mark overview to be published in May 2013 (see Spencer Murphy wins Taylor Wessing Photographic Prize 2013 for review and images of 2013 exhibition)

      Deadline - Registration:  The Call for Entries for the Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize 2012 will open in May 2014.  You can pre-register your interest in entering Likely deadline July 2014

      Type of art: Photographic portraits

      Eligible media: Photographs can be in black and white or colour. They must be unmounted and on paper no smaller than 420x297mm (A3 size) and no larger than 1015x760mm.

      Eligible artists: all photographers over the age of 18 (except for previous prizewinners). You must must be 18 years of age or over on 1 January 2014

      Prize: Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize 2014 (likely to be worth £12,000)

      Website: http://www.npg.org.uk/photoprize
      Call for entries: No Call for Entries as yet - expected May 2014.

      Online or Physical Entry: to be published

      Entry form: to be published

      Selected Artists: In 2013, 5,410 photographs by 2,435 photographers were entered by photographers from all over the world. This is an increase of 85 entries on 2012. Around about 60 portrait photographs will be hung. Photographers will be notified of the judges’ decision by email or by post by August 2014. 

      Exhibition: National Portrait Gallery - Nov. 2014- Feb. 2015 

      Archive: Photography - The Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize

      Contact: to be published

      September 2013

      ING Discerning Eye

      ING Discerning Eye
      Making A Mark overview:  to be published

      Deadline - Registration: to be published

      Type of art: The ING Discerning Eye aims to produce a show of small works independently selected by six prominent figures from different areas of the art world: two artist, two collectors and two critics. Work is selected from open submission and with works by artists invited by the individual selectors.

      Eligible media: All works must be handmade and an original creation by the artist. Drawings, paintings and sculptures are admissable. Maximum size limit (20" x 20" including frame or plinth/stand)

      Eligible artists: artists eligible to enter are those who are born in or resident in the UK.

      Prize: The ING Purchase Prize is £5,000 plus there are a variety of other prizes.

      Website: http://www.discerningeye.org/

      Call for entries: to be published

      Online or Physical Entry: to be published
      Entry form: see Parker Harris website for details (when published)

      Selected Artists: see

      Exhibition: Mall Galleries - generally in November (dates to be confirmed)

      Archive: ING Discerning Eye

      Contact: Parker Harris

      Comment: Here are my tips for artists - see MAKING A MARK: Review: ING Discerning Eye Exhibition 2011

      Other timescales

      The Turner Prize 2013

      This is a competition but it's not an Open Competition so nothing to do! Nominations are invited.

      John Moores Contemporary Painting Prize 2014

      This is a biennial prize and entry is now closed. Registration will reopen in 2015.

      That's it for now.

      If you have any queries please leave a comment.  If I don't know the answer, very often there are other readers who do - or I can tell you how to find out.

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