Thursday, January 23, 2014

Most Revenue or Best Profit? What was the Best Place to sell Art in 2013?

This is my Annual Making A Mark Poll which aims to find out about the trends in how artists sold their art - in 2013.

I've moved it to after the end of the calendar year so that those who do their accounts on a calendar basis will know better:
  • which place generated the most revenue
  • which place generated the most profit
The last time I ran this poll in 2012, I split the poll in two to make a distinction between gross revenue sales ("most revenue") and net profit ("most profitable").

That's because those places which generate the "most money in art sales" are not necessarily the "most profitable" after the "cost of sales" has been deducted.

Interestingly, the fact that one place happens to be the most profitable doesn't mean to say that's where the most profit will be made - unless an artist has already identified this and is capitalising on this knowledge.

So what these polls will do is identify
  • The most (and least) effective places for selling art in 2013 - in terms of which places generate the most revenue and turnover (i.e. gross sales)
  • The most (and least) profitable places for selling art in 2013 - in terms of where did you generate the best profit (i.e. net profit - profit from gross sales after deduction of the cost of sales)
  • Trends in selling art in the last 6 years

There are two NEW Polls in the right hand Column. Both polls have identical options. Be sure to note the distinction between 
For those interested in what the results were in 2012 here are the results of these two polls and the trends observed in September 2012


  1. The one venue I don't see is workshops. I was about even-up between Facebook/blogs and workshop art sales in 2013.

  2. Do you mean workshops for selling art - as opposed to income as a tutor?

    I'd count that as studio sales

    Good point though - I'll include a category next year

  3. Good question. I mean selling artwork while teaching. Studio sales is the closest thing. If your poll allowed 2 votes, and sometimes I know you do, I'd add one to that category. I voted already, and entered 1 vote for websites.


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