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Society of Botanical Artists - Annual Exhibition 2014 - Call for Entries

Botanical artists have just under two months to get our entries ready for this year's Annual Exhibition of the Society of Botanical Artists - which is open to entries from both non-members and international artists.  This post is an overview of the call for entries and the process.

Call for Entries - Society of Botanical Artists
Botanical Garden Annual Exhibition 2014
Note that this year, both the Receiving Day and Annual Exhibition are later than usual.

The Receiving Day for entries for the 2014 Annual Exhibition is Monday 17th March in the Aldersgate Room in the basement of Westminster Central Hall in London (11am - 4pm).  Here's a great blog post by Julie Whelan about last year's Receiving Day.

The theme of this year's exhibition is The Botanical Garden. It will include about 700 works of botanical art:
  • at Westminster Central Hall, Storey's Gate, London SW1H 9NH and is 
  • between Friday, 9th to Sunday 18th May 2014 (Daily from 11am to 5pm including Sundays)
  • open to the public - admission FREE

Below you will find:
  • the key points for those wanting to enter the Exhibition.  
  • links to previous posts on this blog which include images so you can see the type and quality of work which is accepted for exhibition and/or wins prizes
  • links to my resources for botanical artists

"The Botanic Garden" - theme for the 2014 Exhibition

For the title of ‘Botanical Garden’, we mean the world’s gardens: tropical or hothouses, orchards, wetlands, wastelands, vegetables, herbaceous borders, the arboretum, rose gardens, alpine slopes, desert plants, from oceans to ponds, wild flowers, prairies and grasslands, rock gardens, woods and forests, to name a few. It is a chance for artists to portray, and visitors to understand, the many sites where different plants can be seen. Special areas within the exhibition will display works in different categories: for instance, in a cottage garden, flowers and vegetables traditionally grow together; in the bog garden, only moisture-loving plants will survive; in the dessert, sun-seekers will flourish. Since plants are very versatile, some plants will fit into several categories.

You don't have to submit work which complies with the theme - however works which do make for a more interesting Exhibition.

How to enter the Exhibition

The Society of Botanical Artists has an informative and accessible webpage

Who can submit work?

This is an Open Exhibition which attracts entries from all over the world - partly because it has a set-up which makes it easier for international artists to submit work.  Ask nicely and I'll take a photo of your work hanging in the exhibition if selected! :)

(Seriously - if you live overseas and your work is accepted please do get in touch if you'd like your work photographed in the exhibition).

What sort of work can be entered?

  • Eligible work: pictures, sculpture, miniature work, glass engraving, ceramics, jewellery, carving, metal-work
  • Eligible Media: watercolour, pencil, coloured pencils, pastel, oil, gouache, mixed media etc  (photography and digital works are not eligible for the time being)
  • Subjects: may be life-size, reduced or enlarged.  
    • Traditional botanical illustration and plant portraiture; (read the note about fungi)
    • works reflecting habitat and environment. 
  • Originality: all work must be original and executed by the artist who signs the submission form. Copies of any work by any other artists, living or dead, could result in prosecution. 
  • Size of subject: subject matter may be life-size, reduced or enlarged
  • Size of work
    • maximum size of work of 48" on longest length
    • multiple works intended to hang together must not exceed 48" assuming a 1" gap between hung work
    • size constraints for miniatures are: 7" x 5" for miniature paintings and 8" for Sculpture in any dimension.
  • Number of works
    • Up to five works - ALL must be subject to selection and for sale
    • Non members seeking associate membership MUST submit five works
    • a maximum of four works by non members will be hung

What is the artist responsible for?

The artist is responsible for:
  • identifying any special feature of the work or explanation of it with respect to the theme to the SBA
  • copyright of the artwork - all work must be the original work of the artist
  • the payment of any importation charges or duties
  • all payment of VAT if the artist is liable and registered (no VAT is charged by the Society on any sales)
  • making sure those delivering the artwork do so on the right day and at the right time
  • arranging for the unpacking of artwork on delivery and packing of work on collection
  • insurance of the artwork in transit and during the exhibition
  • distribution of private view invitations to their collectors

The Receiving Day

Receiving day is 17 March 2014 - at the Aldersgate Room in the basement of Westminster Central Hall. 


  • The entry schedule is four-part self-carbonised 
  • It's ONLY available from the Executive Secretary by post on receipt of a self-addressed envelope (use A4 or A5)Check that you use an appropriate pen to complete this so that the carbonisation works on all four copies
  • To receive the exhibition entry schedule you need to send a stamped, addressed envelope to Pamela Henderson, Executive Secretary SBA; Tel: 01747 825718 Email: info[at]soc-botanical-artists.org. Please note - Pam is extremely helpful and very well organised!

What you need to do

  • Framed and properly labelled artwork and sculpture needs to be brought to the basement of Westminster Central Hall together PLUS
    • A completed four-part exhibition schedule (entry form), 
    • artworks and 
    • a cheque or cash for the submission fees. 
  • An explanation of no more than 200 words on one sheet of paper attached to your form should explain your submission in relation to the theme of "The Botanic Garden" 
  • Westminster Central Hall is more accessible than most - but don't assume it's easy to drop off by car.
    • The nearest underground stations are Westminster and St James Park
    • There is a car park in Abingdon Square and metred parking - however this is a very busy part of London for parking and ti's highly likely all spaces will have gone so don't assume you can park nearby. Unloading should be possible outside the Hall but only for a very brief period but this is dependent on the traffic warden. 
    • If coming from outside London it's probably better to park on the outskirts of London and catch a tube for the rest of the journey.

Postal / Courier Submissions

  • The Society does NOT accept works by post or carriage
  • You can however submit works via a carrier/courier 
  • ONLY artwork arriving on the receiving day ONLY will be accepted. Couriers are expected to unpack the work. 
  • Overseas artists can make arrangements to submit work for framing in the UK - however you need to contact Pam about exactly how these arrangements work and the dates it needs to reach the UK.

More about this Exhibition and Botanical Art

Below you can find links to:
  • past posts about this exhibition on this blog - with photographs of the work in the exhibitions courtesy of the SBA.
  • my websites which provide "resources for botanical artists"
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  1. Oh my goodness, I am so nervous as this will be my first time submitting work to the SBA. Thanks for this timely and as always informative post. :)


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