Friday, January 17, 2014

Making A Mark notches up 5 million Pageviews!

This morning Making A Mark hit and passed 5,000,000 pageviews - as counted by Blogger.  

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank all the people who read - and have read - this blog on a regular basis!  It would appear that many of you have also discovered the archives! :)

The 5 million pageviews cover the period since May 2007 - when Blogger started counting - when this blog was already 17 months old.

Statcounter has a slightly different take on the numbers but this chart shows you the steady rise in daily pageviews over the last 8 years from January 2006 when this blog first went public to this month.

Making A Mark: Daily Pageviews (January 2006 - January 2014)
I must finish off bringing the archives up to date so that they are more accessible!