Friday, November 15, 2013

Who Painted This #52

Who painted this #52?
Inspired by the recent exhibition of artwork by the Society of Wildlife Artists I went looking for other artwork of the same ilk - and found this.

Now the question is - do you need to identify the birds to identify the painting?

Don't forget besides wanting the answers to all the usual questions(see below) I also now need to know something about the artist and painting - and the best answer wins this week's challenge!

How to participate in "Who painted this? #52"

PLEASE make sure you read the rules before posting a comment - and ONLY POST ON THIS BLOG what you think is the answer.
Click this link to read THE RULES for participating in this challenge (this saves having to copy them out for each post!).
In short:
  • use your brains not software to find the answer - search using words only on a database of images 
  • leave your answer as a comment on this blog - do not leave the answer on Facebook! 
  • if correct it will not be published until the next post - which provides the answer 
  • if wrong it will be published 
  • the winner - who gets a mention and a link on/from this blog - is NOT THIS WEEK the first person to give me a completely correct answer for ALL the things I want to know. It's the person who does all this AND provides the BEST answer (see above)

Who Painted This #51 - The Answer

The bride's song by Gunnar Berndtson
You can see more paintings by Gunnar Bendtson here

Who guessed correct?

Who painted this #51? - Just one person got it right - which made me feel a lot better about the fact I couldn't work it out!

This week, I think the only person to get the right answer was John O'Grady (John O'Grady paintings)

For the record, this was my response to Bernadette who set me the challenge for reaching #50
It looks like a wedding breakfast. Late 19th century - judging by the corsets and dress. I've tried various word combinations but am not getting any results. BTW - sneaky on the choice of a topic which throws up infinite numbers of photos for any of the words such as wedding, bride or orange! :)

William Frith looked like a possible contender as did Edward Leighton but I don't think it's either of those. It's got a European vibe to it - but not too much which makes me think maybe French or Spanish. But the composition makes me think Russian for some reason.

So not sure - and no time to look further!