Sunday, November 03, 2013

3 November 2013 - Who's made a mark this week?

I've got a big announcement on my blog tomorrow - and then I'm not going to be blogging for at least a week - plus posting will be less frequent for the next few months.

Can you guess what the news might be? (Some of you already know what it's about but please don't spoil the surprise!) ;)

I was particularly impressed this week with the sculpture in the SWLA Exhibition - and hence this post features images which I haven't posted already.

East Ridge Ptarmigans by Oliver Meller
Portland Limestone

Botanical Art

Drawing and Sketching

"I visited and sketched in Paraty while touring Brazil and Peru last summer. It is all the proposal makes it out to be: drop dead gorgeous, a small time capsule of a city largely unchanged since the 1700s, with very good restaurants, sidewalk cafes, art galleries and a beautiful harbor that allows for boat excursions to nearby beaches and islands. I know artists who return there every few years to sketch and paint."
Octopus on stone block by Bill Prickett
Chestnut burr on limestone
(Apparently David Attenborough spent a long time studying this one)


    Plein air 
    Timber Wolf by Simon Griffiths

    Pastels and pencils

    Pen and ink

    Wildlife Art

    My new banner for my Making A Mark Facebook page
    Wonderful giraffe by Harriet Mead is 7 feet tall!
    • For wildlife artists who'd like to exhibit with the Society of Wildlife Artists and maybe achieve signature membership - my review of the exhibition Review: 50th Annual Exhibition - Society of Wildlife Artists  includes some tips on what they are looking for when selecting art for the exhibition.
      • If any wildlife artist who has ever got wet or frozen while observing wildlife in the wild ever wanted to feel appreciated then I highly recommend the video of David Attenborough's speech which has been posted on Facebook by Birdwatch Birdwatch Artist of the Year Award 2013 Sir David Attenborough speaking at the official opening of the 50th exhibition of the Society of Wildlife Artists, venue for the annual Birdwatch Artist of the Year Awards
      • Plus another post this week about the SWLA: If you want a lot of people at the Private View...... - the SWLA got over 1,000 people at their Private View.  They were queuing down the Mall as far as Admiralty Arch to get in.....
    Bronzes by Adam Binder

    Who painted this?

    Sleeping Fox by Adam Binder

    Art Business & Marketing

    • Alyson Stanfield (ArtBiz blog) asks a really great question Are You Too Frugal?. I think she's spot on re. the issues it can set up for an artist trying to sell their work to people who have money.
    • I also liked Alyson's post about Multiple Websites for Multiple Businesses. She pffers some really sound advice.
    • I occasionally see artists asking what they should do about/charge for illustrations. It all depends on what the proposed use is and whether or not you are an artist (occasional) or an illustrator (core business).  If the latter you might want to take a peek at the ebook advertised on the Illustration Friday site. 15 Steps to Freelance Illustration is a downloadable zip file containing a 133-page eBook and Workbook that walk you through the essential steps of starting your freelance Illustration business

    Art Collectors & Art Economy

    Iguana by Nick Mackman
    ceramic mixed media

    Art Competitions

    Art Exhibitions

    Exhibitions in London

    Exhibitions in the UK

    • Mondrian is coming to Tate Liverpool and Turner Margate next summer

    Exhibitions in the USA

    Exhibitions by Art Societies

    Exhibitions by Art Bloggers

    Jackrabbit by Kendra Haste
    Painted galvanised wire

    Art History

    Art Materials

    and finally......

    A couple recently decided to get married next to Seurat's “A Sunday on La Grande Jatte”. They don't seem to have asked the Art Institute of Chicago first. - see Couple holds guerrilla wedding at Art Institute of Chicago
    The museum does open its doors for official weddings and dinner parties, said spokeswoman Erin Hogan. But museum staffers also know that engagements and quickie weddings, like the one Saturday, happen regularly in the museum's galleries, she said.
    Which painting and/or gallery would you like to have got married in?


    1. Wow, loving the sculpture! I don't think you've shared a lot of sculpture on your pages? Wonderful stuff, this lot.

      And hands off Whistler's house. It's mine. As soon as I find that £30mil down the back of the sofa... ;) (wonderful little exhibition at Dulwich if you haven't seen it yet - lots of printmaking)

    2. Tina - it would be wonderful to live that close to the river!

      Here's the link to my review of the Whistler exhibition at Dulwich

    3. I hope your news is something really great for you!


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