Saturday, November 16, 2013

Jeremy Gardiner wins ING Discerning Eye Prize 2013

The ING Discerning Eye 2013 prizewinners were announced last week.  They are listed below.  It's very evident that media and mark-making other than conventional oil painting has had a 'good innings' in this year's prizes.  Lots of rewards for unconventional use of media and drawing.  Well spotted those who paid attention to who was one of the judges!

I'm going to see the exhibition on Monday morning and will be writing a review of the exhibition.  The ING Discerning Eye 2013 Exhibition continues at the Mall Galleries until Sunday 24 November 2013.

Pendeen Lighthouse, Cornwall
acrylic and jesmonite on poplar panel, 12x18"
© Jeremy Gardiner

 Purchase Prize (£5,000)Pendeen Lighthouse Cornwall by Jeremy Gardiner (invited by Liz Anderson)

For those interested in how he generates his 'his artistic excavation of the geology of landscape' and constructs his paintings Jeremy is giving a talk "Unfolding Landscape" to Bath Society of Artists at the Bath Royal Literary & Scientific Institution, 16-18 Queen Square BA1 2HN on Thursday 28 November at 7:30 pm.

DE Founder's Purchase Prize¹ (£2,500) - Foreshore, Shaldon by Richard Teasdale (selected by Lloyd Grossman)

The ING Staff Prize (£1,000) was jointly won by:
Betula, late Autumn 2012 - 13 (£1680)
Sepia Watercolour, 12 x 8 inches
© Charlotte Verity
The lost lears (£792)
8 Colour pigment based archival print on flahne, 15x15"
© Phil Shaw

The Meynell Fenton Prize

(invited by Stephen Farthing RA)
insects, plant roots, glass bell jar; 4x4x4 inches; 

The Benton Purchase Prize
(selected by Eileen Hogan)

Genoese 18th Century armchair
Stitch on padded linen with acrylic; 10x10 inches

The Hicks Purchase Prize

Chris Eckersley
(selected by Eileen Hogan)

Pen and Pencil, 20x15 inches
The Humphreys Purchase Prize

(invited by Eileen Hogan)

Graphite and foil on paper; 20x20 inches
The Lincoln Seligman Purchase Prize

(selected by Eileen Hogan)

Microcosmos No 47: Unravelling
Watercolour, 18x14 inches

[You can see more of her paintings in her book Microcosmos]

The DE Sculpture And 3D Work Prize

(selected by Deborah Swallow)

Mixed, 14x14x14 inches

Mixed, 14x14x14 inches
The V&A Acquisition Prize

(invited by Eileen Hogan)

Etching, 20x16 inches
£400 (edition)
London and South East Regional Prize

Alexander Massouras
(invited by Eileen Hogan)
Julian Rowe
(selected by Eileen Hogan)

North of England Regional Prize
(invited by Lloyd Grossman)

West Country Regional Prize

(selected by Deborah Swallow)

Scotland Prize

(invited by Liz Anderson)

Wales Prize
(invited by Liz Anderson)

See tomorrow's post for the winner of the ING Drawing Bursary.

The scorecard for the allocation of prizes between the selectors is as follows. These split roughly 50:50 between selected and invited artists.

I must confess I am very bemused by the way in which Eileen Hogan's selected and invited artists achieved c.50% of the prizes!  How did that happen?


Stephen Farthing RA
Rootstein Hopkins Research Chair of Drawing at the University of the Arts London
Eileen Hogan
Research Professor at
Wimbledon College of Art

Loyd Grossman OBE
TV presenter, gastronome and art historian
Professor Deborah Swallow
director of the Courtauld Institute of Art

Liz Anderson
arts editor, 'The Spectator'

Estelle Lovatt FRSA
art critic and lecturer

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