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RHS Botanical Art Show 2013 - Selected Artists

This post has the names of the botanical artists who have been selected for The RHS London Orchid & Botanical Art Show 2013, held in the RHS Lindley Hall in Victoria, London on 12–13 April 2013.
  • 30 artists from 10 countries have been selected for this year's show - more than ever before
  • artists come from Australia, Thailand, South Korea and the USA as well as from Great Britain.
This is the largest exhibition of botanical art held by the Royal Horticultural Society.  

However it's not the largest exhibition of Botanical Art because that title is held by the Society of Botanical Artists who are holding their exhibition at Westminster Hall on 12-21 April

I wonder if anybody astute has spotted that the two exhibitions are now being held on the same days at a very short distance from one another.  That means there's absolutely no excuse to make the trip to London to see them both!

Visitors looking at a botanical art display at the RHS London Orchid Show and Botanical Art Show 2012
Selected Artists

  • Etsuko Nagase - Ferns
  • Gulnur Eksi GM (2010) - Plants from the woods & forests of Chile
  • Lynn Stringer - Kilmacurragh & the plant hunters
  • Noriko Watanabe - Lithocarpus edulis and Rosa filipes "Kiftsgate"
  • Kazumi Yoshikawa
  • Eriobotya Japonica, Cornus, Florida, Japanese Cherry, Pumpkin & Japanese Rose
  • Hye Woo Shin - Lauraceae in Korea
  • Jee-Yeon Koo - Orchids with scent
  • Margaret de Villiers - Cape Ericas (Heather)
  • Sansanee Deekrajang - Exotic flora of Bangkok
  • Helen Ayers - Six fine Euphorbias for the herbaceous border
  • Lyn Campbell - Medicinal plants
  • Judith Carter - Rhododendrons
  • Sumiko Davies - Wildflowers of the South Downs
  • Ruth KirkbyWinter store vegetables
  • Angela MartinThe plant breeder's art: Primula vulgaris,veris & elatior
  • Angeline de MeesterHow does my garden grow?
  • Sally PondA comparison of 3 garden climbers with their naturalized equivalents
  • Pamela RichardsonClematis
  • Laura Silburn
  • Varieties of Hardy Geranium
  • Liz Shippam
  • Julia Trickey GM (2006 - Leaf Portraits, 2008 - Leaves, Celebrating Imperfection, 2012 - Fading Flowers) - Nature in waiting
  • Christiana Webb - Pinecones
You can also see the standard of the artwork and read interviews with Gold Medal Winners in my previous posts relating to previous exhibitions
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  1. Wow - can't wait. It's good to see Gülnur Ekşi will be showing. I left Edinburgh just as they were getting started on the Chile Project. I haven't heard of Nilavan Adams before or Betsy Rogers-Knox, so I look forward to seeing their work. Love Jee-Yeon Koo and Julia Trickey. Julia must be really on the case with her work as she exhibited some biggies last year. I really do admire such determination and productivity.

  2. Go Esmée!!!!!
    Here's a link to the website of the lovely Esmée Winkel.

  3. Go Esmée!!!
    Here's a link to the website of the lovely Esmée Winkel ;)

  4. Thanks Sigrid - I changed the link in the post

  5. I could read your blog all day long... (don't think my employer would approve ;-))
    Thanks for all this info, your blog is the best!!!

  6. I could read your blog all day long... (don't think my employer would approve ;-))
    Thanks for all this info, your blog is the best!!!

  7. Thank you so much for this wonderfully written blog post! Such brilliant and practical information and some new links to follow...


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