Friday, March 29, 2013

Who painted this? #22

On an Easter theme, I had a choice of possible paintings - but surprisingly rather fewer than I expected.  In the end I decided to vary the format slightly and to ask you.....

....In which painting can you see this lamb - and, in addition to the normal questions, what is it a symbol of?

Who painted this? #22

How to participate in "Who painted this? #22"

PLEASE make sure you read the rules before posting a comment - and ONLY POST ON THIS BLOG what you think is the answer.

Click this link to read THE RULES for participating in this challenge (this saves having to copy them out for each post!).

In short:
  • use your brains not software to find the answer
  • search using words only on a database of images
  • leave your answer as a comment on this blog
  • if correct it will not be published until the next post - which provides the answer
  • if wrong it will be published
  • do not leave the answer on Facebook!
  • the winner - who gets a mention and a link on/from this blog - is the first person to give me a completely correct answer for ALL the things I want to know

The Artist's Studio by Thomas Rowlandson
Who Painted This #21 - The Answer
Thomas Rowlandson (1756 – 1827) was a caricaturist as well as an English artist.  

I'm afraid I wasn't aware that that he had produced quite so many engravings which were described as "lewd" by one of the the people who guessed correctly. Having briefly reviewed them that's maybe an understatement.  My apologies to anybody whose sensibilities were offended!

The correct answers

This wasn't easy as it was possible to take a long diversion via Hogarth et all before arriving at the right artist - as some did!

The first correct answer was submitted by Alyson Champ (The Chronicle of Wasted Time)

In addition the following people also got the correct answer:
Well done all of you!