Tuesday, March 12, 2013

POLL: Which are the best artist-quality oil paints?

This month the Making A Mark Poll asks the question "Which are the best artist-quality oil paints?".  These are oil paints which would be suitable for use by professional artists aiming to produce work of archival quality.

Back in November, the same question was asked about watercolour paints (see POLL: Which are the best artist-quality watercolour paints?) and I got the impression people found the poll very useful - notwithstanding it had a major hiccup!

At the end of the month I will also publish a new website which will contain:

  • links to all the identified brands of artists' oil paints, 
  • an analysis of the brands 
  • views about the best brands of artist quality oil paints and 
  • links to relevant information about oil paint for artists (eg lightfastness and fugitive colours)

Oil Paints - by Schminke, Charvin and Blockx - in Green & Stone in Chelsea, London
Which are the best artist-quality oil paints?

The brands I've identified as suitable for the poll are listed below - in alphabetical order.

I thought I knew most of them but kept searching and found a number of smaller operations of the 'artists colourmen' variety which are worth bringing to your attention.  To this end I've also included the link to the manufacturer's brand site in the name of the paint in case any of you are unfamiliar with the brand.

As per usual, the Opinion Poll will run until the beginning of the 31st March - with a report of the results being provided shortly thereafter.

You can find it in the right hand column - it's probably true to say that this month it's very hard to miss it!

Do please share your views on the oil paint you prefer and say why in a comment on this post.
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