Wednesday, December 19, 2012

RIP - artists who died in 2012

As I begin to start the end of year review, it's worth remembering the artists - and those involved in art in a significant way - who passed on in 2012.

Check below to see if you missed any - or I did (althouh I've not tried to include everybody).

They include:

January 2012
  • Ronald Searle - a very popular cartoonist.  He was a camouflage artist in the Second World War and drew fellow POWs working on the  infamous 'death railway' in Siam. He survived - but came close to death at times but continued recording sketches of his experience.
    February 2012
    Colour and Culture is the most exhaustive historical analysis we have of understandings of colour in western art.
    • Leonard Rosoman Leonard Rosoman RA, died aged 98. He was the last of the official artists of the Second World War and later won acclaim as an illustrator, painter and teacher; his most famous student was the artist David Hockney.
      • The Guardian Leonard Rosoman obituary Official second world war artist who later flourished as an illustrator and painter.  
      • The Independent Leonard Rosoman: Painter whose work profited from his oblique approach to life. During the Blitz he spent hours fighting a blaze, then was ordered to leave it. The boy replacing him died
      • He was a Royal Academician - whose drawings I will miss. You can see the Murals he did for the Restaurant at the Royal Academy below.  Those familiar with the RA will recognise the scenes he depicted.

    Murals in the Restaurant of the Royal Aacdemy by Leonard Rosoman

    March 2012
    May 2012
    Thomas Kinkade, the painter, who has died aged 54, specialised in sentimental scenes of gingerbread cottages, frothing oceans, riotously colourful country gardens and churches in dappled morning light, becoming the most collected artist in the United States, possibly the world.  The Telegraph
    June 2012
    August 2012
    September 2012
    • Jeremy Le Grice  my first tutor when I started painting again after a break of over a decade.  A really lovely man who was never averse to encouraging you to be bold rather than timid or to stop trying to improve a failure and just erase and start again.  I carry his words around in my head to this day.
    Musee d'Orsay
    November 2012
    • Gae Aulenti - The Italian architect and designer who led the design transformation of the Musée d'Orsay in Paris from a railway station to a great and renowned art museum

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    Autumn Leaves said...

    I found this post to be a touching tribute, Katherine. Thank you for posting it.

    Unknown said...

    As Crimson has said, this is a touching tribute to these art greats.

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