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Landscape Nominations for Best Artwork | MAM Awards 2012

The 2012 Making a Mark Prize for Best Portrayal of a Place aims to celebrate and highlight excellence in creating pictures about places in our environment - both landscapes and interior scenes

Listed below you will find the nominations for the Best Picture (Place) on an art blog in 2012.
  • Three works will be shortlisted (including the nomination I've yet to make)
  • Larger images of the three shortlisted works will be included in the invitation to vote for the winner which will be posted on Wednesday 26th December
  • voting for the best picture continues until a minute after midnight on 30th December
The details of the nomination process and criteria for submissions can be found in Nominate the Best Picture of a Place on an Art Blog in 2012

These are the links to the other nominations for Best Picture:
Saint Andrew's Cathedral, 
Wells, Somerset, England
by John Simlett
Pen and Ink on Cartridge paper (300gsm)
22 inches x 16 inches (56 cms. x 42 cms)
© John Simlett

Nominations for Best Picture of a Place on an Art Blog 2012

Nominated Artwork:  Saint Andrew's Cathedral, Wells, Somerset, England
Nominated Artist: John Simlett (Gatepost Pictures) - Wiltshire, UK
Post: "Finally Posting Again! WELLS CATHEDRAL"
Nominated by:  John Simlett - Wiltshire, UK
I am nominating my own work and am therefore restricted in the use of 'praise.' However, ill health kept me out of art for many years, but now as I approach 75 I return to it once more (driven by my granddaughter). I started blogging this February and the support I received in Blogland has allowed me to develop to the point when I feel that this drawing takes me beyond the heights I reached in my younger days. This drawing is a new departure for me - the limited use of colour really works, and the perspective exceeded my hopes. The values, although just black and white in the main, are such that they allow the viewer to 'enter' the picture and move about the cathedral.
Basilica Palladiana by Jane Minter
32 x 41cm
© Jane Minter
Nominated Artwork: Basilica Palladiana
Nominated Artist:  Jane Minter (Jane Minter's Sketchbook) - Italy
Post: Basilica Palladiana-section of facade
Nominated by: Sophia Khan (Sophia's Studio)

I love this watercolor for so many reasons. The painting is loose and suggestive rather than being overly realistic and predictable. It is an interpretive depiction of the basilica, and the colors and technique convey a nostalgic dreamlike quality, as if thinking about the basilica after visiting it. I like a painting to convey the medium it has been used in, and this one exhibits the many attributes of watercolor that make it such an expressive medium. The painting applies the techniques of the watercolor wash to the subject of architecture, which in my opinion is very unique and inventive. It also leaves some things to the imagination and therefore, makes one want to learn more about the basilica after seeing the painting. 

Raining in London by Maria Villioti
colored pencils on Ampersand pastelbord
45cm x 61cm
© Maria Villioti
Nominated Artwork: Raining in London
Nominated Artist: Maria Villioti (Breaths of art) - Greece
Post: The end of the road
Nominated by: Self
SIZE & MEDIUM: 45cmX61cm, colored pencils on Ampersand pastelbord
It was a challenge for me to paint such a picture with colored pencils. It's one of my favorite works. It gave me the opportunity to meet many new friends. Now belongs to one of them.

Time and Again by Terry Miura
40 x 30
©  Terry Miura

Nominated Artwork: Time and Again
Nominated Artist: Terry Miura (Terry Miura) - California
Post: Risks and Rewards
Nominated by: Robin Purcell (Robin Purcell, Watercolors in the Plein Air Tradition)
There is something that haunts me about this image even small and on the computer screen, the atmosphere around the cathedral makes me think about the spiritual purpose of the architecture.

Classon near Pacific by Robert Lafond
18" x 24"
© Robert Lafond

Nominated Artwork: Classon Near Pacific
Nominated Artist: Robert Lafond (Mark and Remark) - Massachusetts
Post: Classon Near Pacific
Nominated by: eLIZabeth Floyd (eLIZabeth Floyd Studio - Alexandria, Virginia
This painting just draws me in, I want to visit Brooklyn just to take a walk down Classon on a sunny, cloudless day. Absorbing the urban colors, the rough sidewalk, and how you can still feel so alone in such a densely populated area. I am not sure if this was the goal of the artist when he created this painting, but this is how I react to it.

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