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2nd December 2012 - Who's made a mark this week?

The Dobell Prize for Drawing is Australia's most prestigious prize for drawing.  Sad to say, but 2012 is the last year it's going to be awarded.  Apparently there are too many prizes for drawing! So it's to be replaced by the Dobell Australian Drawing Biennial which will start in 2014.

Dobell Prize for Drawing 2012 
winner: Gareth Sansom Made in Wadeye 2012, 

suite of 20 drawings on white cartridge paper, ink, lead pencil, graphite, coloured watercolour pencil, 
felt-tipped pen, ballpoint pen, egg tempera, earth, collage,
29.7 × 42 cm each sheet, 119 × 210 cm overall
The 2012 $30,000 Dobell Drawing Prize was won by Melbourne artist Gareth Sansom (age 73) for his drawing Made in Wadeye.  Wadeye is an aboriginal community in the Northern Territory. His drawing beat beat 638 entries and 46 finalists to win the very last prize.  It comprises a suite of 20 drawings measuring 119 × 210 cm overall. Each drawing drawn on white cartridge paper (29.7 × 42 cm) using ink, lead pencil, graphite, coloured watercolour pencil, felt-tipped pen, ballpoint pen, egg tempera, earth, collage. 
The winning work, Made in Wadeye, was made during the artist’s visit to a remote Aboriginal settlement south-west of Darwin during September 2012, where his wife was engaged in clinical work as a doctor. Reference to the Wadeye community can be found in a small, collaged, photocopied map, and earth, captured in the egg tempera paint. But although the visit to Wadeye was the impetus for the series, it was not its subject. As the artist states: ‘I make stream-of-consciousness drawings with sources going back years
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Urban Sketchers were out in force this weekend. On Saturday
Skaters at the Natural History Museum Ice Rink
pen and sepia ink and coloured pencils in Moleskine Sketchbook, 8" x 10"
© Katherine Tyrrell
Mural Painting
  • Jimmy Savile: Banksy-style mural appears outside BBC Television Centre - whether it's Banksy or not, there's certainly something very pointed and appropriate about a mural of a small child throwing a Jim'll Fix It badge down a drain on a hoarding opposite the BBC television Centre.  Small wonder it was painted over within an hour if it's appearing - which seems like the visual art equivalent of "looking the other way" and "sweeping it under the carpet".  I'd have thought more of the BBC if they'd left it up!
  • Daphne Todd, the ex President of the Royal Society of Portrait Painters and BP Portrait Award Winner, talks about portraiture, painting from life, her time at Heatherley's, female artists and submitting work to an art competition in a very articulate interview on YouTube. I'm going to be doing an interview with her on the 10th December at the opening of her solo show of paintings, featuring oils painted as Official Tour artist to TRH The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall during their tour of South Africa and Tanzania, at the Mall Galleries (10th - 23rd December 2012).  You can see more of her portrait paintings on her website

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Masai Woman by Jeanette Jobson
colored pencil and pastel, 25''x19''
currently on display in the
Portrait Society of Canada 2012 Portrait Exhibition
© Jeanette Jobson
Art Crime
  • It appears the Marcos Art Collection could generate a few new books about art crime and hunting down missing paintings!  The Telegraph article Van Gogh among 146 missing Marcos paintings indicates that 146 paintings - including works by Picasso, Rembrandt and Van Gogh - collected by the Marcos family 'could be anywhere'.
They didn't only hoard shoes. Former Philippine dictator Ferdinand Marcos and his wife Imelda amassed a remarkable art collection, paid for with stolen funds, and many of the masterpieces remain missing.  
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I imagine it's tough when you're not on the scene of such a disaster to imagine what it's really like. The types of responses to accounts by arts writers I've read in some places strike me as so heartless and, well, some of them downright clueless, that I thought I'd share what it feels like to have the business you've struggled to build for years get washed away overnight.
Art Materials and Supplies
  • What is Archival Paper? was intended to address the little bit of confusion I come across from time to time about what exactly is archival paper.
  • Yesterday I posted the results of the two opinion polls I've recently set up with a view to finding out what people think is the best artist-quality watercolour paint - see W&N: the best brand of watercolour paint for artists.

    Those of you followed the big PC vs Apple debate nearly three years ago when I was buying a new computer will know I plumped for an Apple iMac.  Not only that but I subsequently bought an iPad and an iMac for my Mother.  It's going to be rounded off this week when my better half finally places an order for his very own iMac!

    Neverthless as an ex PC person I remain vigilant about security - even though there have been absolutely no issues to date!  However I spotted this article this week Securing Your Mac: A Guide for Reasonable People, Version 1.0 which is on TUAC - The Unofficial Apple Weblog by TJ Luoma. It has some sensible advice.

    and finally......

    This is a great collection of images of women and cats on Flickr.  Who knew there were so many or that this has been a perennial subject over the years?


      1. For cat lovers: new exhibition at the RWA in Bristol in January "Reigning Cats and Dogs"

      2. Katherine, I just love this blog. It is always so full of information, tips, interesting things...You are truly broadening my horizons.

      3. Thanks Katherine for the mention & comment re corruped link. Since fixed. It is sad to see the Dobell prize pass but there seems to be a core of the same finalists year after year. Hopefully the replacement "Drawing Biennial" may allow us to see some fresh and innovative talent. Your link needs a paid subscription to view it.Here is a free viewing one

      4. Katherine,
        Thank you for mentioning my work in the upcoming 6x6 show.
        As usual you outdo yourself scouring the web for these weekly posts.

        I love the Jeanette Jobson "Masai Women".
        What a stunning portrait that highlights the tribal jewelry (?can't remember what it's called) but still gives attention to the dignified women of the portrait, that is tough to do without the colors and pattern becoming overwhelming. I love the sideways glance and it does have that something extra that isn't always present in portraiture, its perfect.

        On that note the site, the portrait website, has a rather odd public voting method. "Click here to Vote for People’s Choice Award
        Please select your favorite portrait and e-mail the competitor’s number indicated on the bottom of the image."
        You would think it would all be 'on the site' voting.
        What do others think?

        I hope we don't have to bear witness to any poor Damien Hirst fundraising telethons in the future ; )

        Your 'Who painted this?' is killing me but I am also making all kinds of accidental discoveries of other new-to-me art on those search excursions.
        Like this little stunner drawing of a squirrel....
        Google the artist Edward Julius Detmold, great drawing!

        Been a busy week so I still must go back and read the 'What is Archival Paper?' post. I don't know enough about it since I don't work on paper real often other than studies for paintings and in sketchbooks.
        I'm sure there is plenty info there.

        1. David - the method of voting is actually a lot fairer unless you have a poll with an IP block. People have been known to cheat in the past and to vote repeatedly for their own painting or that of their relative. The email way should prove more robust.

          Incidentally you can do polls which block IPs from revoting - but you do need to know where to go to find them!

        2. I did not know that.
          More should use email method of voting then.
          Or polls should more often be set up with blocks.

          I wonder how many people do skip voting if it is more then one simple click or fear voting email because they are afraid it might generate junk mail.


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