Friday, December 28, 2012

Introducing The Making A Mark Art Blog Awards 2012

Welcome to the seventh year of The Making A Mark Art Blog Awards 2012.   After staring at a lot of art by a lot of artists on a lot of art blogs(!), the artists and art blogs which have won MAM Art Blog Awards in 2012 will be announced in five posts spanning, today, tomorrow and Monday.  Apologies in advance to those who don't like a lot of posts in one go - but this is a once a year thing!

A Gentleman's Art Gallery (undated) by Thomas Rowlandson, 1756-1827, British
Watercolor, with pen and gray and red-brown ink, over graphite on medium, smooth, beige, wove paper
Sheet: 5 11/16 x 9 inches (14.4 x 22.9 cm)
Yale Center for British Art, Paul Mellon Collection


Since 2006, the aim of the Making A Mark Art Blog Awards has been to identify:
  • excellence in blogging about art and artists; and 
  • the art blogs which set high standards and are the most influential
  • to share this with fellow artists and art bloggers.
This year I'm reviewing how to continue with these awards in future years and I'd love to hear from you as to whether they have value to you and what changes you'd like to see.

My current thinking is I'd like to cut back a bit - mainly because they always take a lot of time and effort!

In 2012, the awards are organised in categories.  The general principle is that anybody who has won a prize in the last three years cannot win again in that category until at least three years have elapsed. 

Generating Art - TODAY
  • The Painting a Day Stickability Shield - for daily painters who maintain a consistently high output of consistently good quality paintings over the course of the year and set a good example to others.
  • The Best Art Blog Project Virtual Challenge Cup - for a major and reputable new project which adds value and involves a large number of bloggers  OR or a project which has grown over the course of the year in question or otherwise had some significant impact during the course of the year
  • The Best Art Society Blog - for the blog which demonstrates - in both text and images - how best to promote the aims and activities of the art society AND widen the audience for the images of its member artists.
Getting Out of the Studio - TODAY
  • The Painting Plein Air Plus Prize for excellence in plein air painting plus a strong commitment to sharing information
  • The Travels with a Sketchbook Trophy goes to the most intrepid and/or industrious artist travelling with a sketchbook.
  • The Going Greener Gong is awarded to the art blog which I've found most stimulating in relation to getting us in touch with nature and the environment.
Learning about Art & the Art Business - (SUNDAY)
  • The FAQs and Answers Really Useful Medal For the blog which aims to share useful information for artists including what they have learned with/from others
  • The Make Me Think Gongfor the person who makes me (and others) think and offers insights that are transferable to the activity and business of being an artist.
  • The Best Book by an Art Blogger Blue Ribbon - for the most helpful book written/produced by an art blogger
The Home Front - (SUNDAY)
  • The Most Gorgeous Mouthwatering (MGM) Studio of the Year - for the Most Improved Studio of the Year and reflects the continuous efforts of many artists to improve our studio and working environments 
  • The Art Innovation of the Year Award - artist bloggers who experiment and/or create and/or share innovations which help the practice of other artists.
  • “The Moose” - the award for the best animal in an illustrated blog is named after the first winner of this award.  The animal can be wild or domestic, a perennial subject or the studio pet.


You have until 6PM tomorrow (GMT/London) to vote for your favourite pictures on VOTE for the Best Artwork on an Art Blog in 2012 
  • Portrait/Figures
  • Landscape/Place
  • Still Life
  • Nature
  • Overall Winner - most votes

The Making A Mark Art Blog Awards page on this blog also references every award and all past winners too.

The first award announcements follow shortly.........

PS If you'd like to see more drawings by Thomas Rowlandson, can I recommend the Yale Centre for British Art - some of which is on the Google Art project


  1. just reading all that is exhausting - hope you have some down time planned!

  2. Right after New Year!

    Although I've already got a Who's painted this? already written up and ready to go on the 4th and it is well and truly going to keep people going all week i reckon!


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