Friday, December 14, 2012

Andrew Wyeth's studio and first TV interview

This is an update on information about Andrew Wyeth (1917-2009).

I'm an inveterate tracker down of artists' studios.  I've found time and again that actually finding the place where an artist was based enables you to understand more about the artwork they produce.
  • Yesterday I updated About Andrew Wyeth - American Artist with a new section devoted to Wyeth's studio at Chadd's Ford.  This was donated by his wife to the Brandywine Museum at Chadd's Ford and they have renovated the house and studios that he used for many decades. 
  • In looking for links about the studio, I stumbled across Andrew Wyeth's first ever (and for all I know only) network television interview.  In this he talks about the 'Helga' paintings and his wife Betsy's critique of his paintings.

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  • This summer the Wyeth House and Studio was reopened to the public and the new section Andrew Wyeth's Studio contains links to how you can visit the studio and comments - and videos and photos by those who have.


    1. Thanks, Katherine, that interview is delightful.

    2. I thought so - and it made complete sense of the Helga paintings!



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