Friday, October 26, 2012

Who painted this? #1

Who Painted This? #1

This is
  • a challenge for all those who like their art history and think they've looked at a few paintings in their time
  • the first in a series of occasional posts which bring paintings I like and/or some paintings by an unexpected artist to the front page of this blog.  
I'm looking for:
  • the title
  • the name of the artist
  • the date - the more accurate the better
  • how you worked it out
The last bit is key! Before I go on - participants in this guessing game are asked to refrain in the first 24 hours from using any available technology to search on the image.  Let's go back to using that old fashioned resource for recognising paintings - namely our "brains"!

I have changed the title of the file for anybody who was thinking of checking that out!

So - here's the first painting.  Feel free to hazard a guess while you're trying to work it out. I guarantee you've all heard of this artist and it's nobody obscure!

You have until 6pm GMT on Saturday to guess it.  If nobody has got it by then you can 'have at it' and bring in the big digital brain to bear on the subject!

I'll update this post when somebody has got it.