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21st October 2012 - Who's made a mark this week?

I've spent part of last week reliving a very enjoyable Sunday afternoon in June 2011 when I had a wonderful lunch followed by a delightful afternoon sketching the view of Mont Ventoux from the terrace of a hill top hotel in Provence (see my Travels with a Sketchbook blog post written at the time The view of Mont Ventoux from Crillon Le Brave)

Mont Ventoux from the Hotel Crillon Le Brave
12" x 16", pen and sepia ink and coloured pencils
copyright Katherine Tyrrell
I've been commissioned to produce a drawing after somebody saw my original sketch and wanted to buy it.  I never ever take sketches out of sketchbooks - but this was one I was very happy to reproduce as a drawing.  It will be wending its way to the USA tomorrow afternoon...

If you ever want to commission a drawing or sketch see the side column for how to contact me.

Artist and Art Blogs


  • I'm also trying to catch up with all the sketches which have never been posted.  So Restaurant Nausicaa, Boulogne sur Mer - my last meal in France has a sketch of my last meal in France plus a sketch of the view of the beach from where I sat and ate my meal in Bouloge sur Mer.
  • Caer Caradoc Hill in Shropshire is my sketch from my trip to Shropshire at the end of September.  I had no idea I was sketching ancient history! involving early Britains and the Romans!
Caer Caradoc Hill from The Oaks
pen and sepia ink and coloured pencils in Moleskine Sketchbook, 11" x 16"
copyright Katherine Tyrrell

  • One of my favourite ever art bloggers Tracy Hegelson has given up on blogging - so The Painters Farm (the blog) has come to an end just as The Painters Farm - the website gets off the ground. OPlus chattering about art continues on facebook
  • Kathleen Coy does actually create a painting virtually every day - see her daily painting blog  My Daily Painting Challenge - and what she produces is really rather good.  She also has a 'normal' blog for sales of her work Life Earth Sky
  • I rather like Jane Minter's very wet watercolours - which you can see on her blog jane minter's sketchbook (and the fact she lives in Italy explains the Italian on her blog!)
  • While reviewing blogs in my blogroll I was sad to see that Different Strokes From Different Folks is no more and the URL is now a tattoo blog!
  • See the reviews of the annual exhibitions by the Miniature Painters and Marine Painters in the Art Exhibition section below
Art Business & Marketing
  • Lori McNee - Fine Art & Tips - Tracking Your Art Inventory and Contacts - it's promotion for a piece of artwork archive software - but it looks as if could be useful for busy artists with lots of artwork in different galleries. However it's not free nor is it cheap unless you are going to get enough value out of it.  However you can try it for free!
Art Economy

Entrants are ranked according to a combination of influence over the production of art internationally, sheer financial clout (although in these times that’s no longer such a big factor) and activity in the previous 12 months – criteria which encompass artists, of course, as well as collectors, gallerists and curators.

Art Crime
Heist movies always focus on how. The thieves scan the layout of security cameras, oil their rifles, synchronise their watches. How is the wrong question. The real question is why. Why in the world would thieves steal paintings too famous to sell?
Art Competitions
Art Exhibitions

You MUST read this Beside the Wave Gallery blog post - Preparations for London - by Sarah Wimperis about the challenge of getting the art out of the gallery and into the van going to the Affordable Art Fair which is being held this week in Battersea.

Major Galleries in the UK

Art Society Exhibitions in the UK
Exhibitions coming up include:
Art Bloggers
Art Museums

  • Bunker Notes is the blog of the Christchurch Art Gallery in new Zealand which is still closed for repairs - but continues to have a very lively blog!  Both the website and blog make interesting reading for any museum administrators who have ever wondered what happens if an earthquake happens to strike.  They appear to be holding exhibitions all over the city! It really goes to show the value of having a decent website and blog for ease of communication should anything horrendous happen.  
  • For those living in or visiting Austin this is The Giardian's take on the 10 best museums and galleries in Austin
    Art Videos
    • June Mendoza has painted the Queen three times and is a very well established figure within the world of portraiture in the UK.  This is a new video of Portrait Painting in Oil With June Mendoza OB RP ROI - and no I've not seen it but this clip suggests it might have some very useful tips for those starting out or wanting to improve their portraiture.
    Opinion Poll

    and finally......

    Who knew Google had artistic leanings - just look at the visuals associated with Google Data Centers - it's a bit like looking at an installation in a contemporary art gallery!

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