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28th October 2012 - Who's made a mark this week?

Quilts by Kaffe Fassett
I've been a huge fan of Kaffe Fassett for ages - I think his talent with colour and mixing patterns is absolutely phenomenal.
In 1988 Kaffe became the first living textile artists to have a one man show at the Victoria & Albert Museum. The exhibition attracted such crowds that the Museum doubled attendance figures during the run and has since visited Finland, Holland, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Australia, Canada, USA and Iceland (where 5% of the total population attended.)
Back in the days before tenosynovitis set in, when I could still grip and  hold knitting needles, I loved to knit his designs.  If you are in any way interested in colour and/or textiles and/or patchwork/quilts then you should definitely take a peek at his website.

Anyway - his quilts were my main reason for going to the RHS London Autumn Shades show at the RHS Halls in Westminster last week - as there were to be a number of Kaffe Fassett quilts on display.

I walked in and was absolutely amazed to find they'd hung the quilts in mid-air so both sides could be seen and you could get a close look without there being any danger of them being damaged in any way.

Kaffe Fassett Quilts hanging in mid air at the RHS London Autumn Shades Exhibition
- also reproduced below as images in the rest of this post
So quilts by Kaffe Fassett will punctuate this post as I think they're wonderful!

Going to the exhibition also meant that I got to meet two more RHS Gold Medal winners - this time for botanical photography - see RHS Gold Medal winning Botanical Photography for the images of the photographs.

Coming out of that is a post next week about Juan Sánchez Cotán (1560 - 1627) the artist whose style influenced Clay Perry's work when photographing heritage fruit and vegetables.

I was intrigued to find when I got home that Clay Perry used to photograph the avant garde art scene in the 1960s - including Robert Rauschenberg and Yoko Ono - this is a link to Clay's photos of Yoko Ono and her Half-a-Room installation in 1967.  I also discovered that he also photographed R&B bands in the 1960s who subsequently became rather famous! Cue moody photos of Eric.

So I dug a bit further and found out that he had been a pupil of Ifor Thomas who was a pioneer teacher of photography as fine art (from this interview).  That to me came over very clearly in the photographs in display at the exhibition.  I always say that I have no difficulty identifying Gold Medal work as it always stands out.

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On Friday I tried an experiment - which seemed to get an enthusiastic reception.  Who painted this? #1 is a new and occasional challenge on this blog for all of you who like art history.  It generated a lot of guesses - most of which were correct. However one person got there first with all the required answers - and that was Vivienne St Clair (A Painted Postcard).

Watch out for more of the same in this new occasional series of posts!

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Dave Hickey condemns world he says has become calcified by too much money, celebrity and self-reverence
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  • It's such a pity that Art History News has neither a feed nor a way of leaving comments.  Apparently the author likes it like that. - such a pity it doesn't seem to have a feed that works or any scope to leave comments.  Here's an example of one of the posts 'Thought Out', and why art history needs to change
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  • This is a report from the Pastel Society of America about their recent exhibition and  This includes Observations on Frank Federico’s demo by Alice Laputka, PSA - which he started working from his reference upside down.  I found this interesting
Here are some interesting statistics about this year’s juried exhibition:
  • 467 artists, both members and non-members, submitted 937 images of 
  • paintings for consideration
  • 196 paintings were juried into the show
  • Of those who won awards, 18 were first time winners; 11 were nonmembers; 5 were associate members; 20 were signature members, and 19 were master pastelists.
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  • This is the website of the Pre-Raphaelite Society - who picked up on my review of the exhibition at Tate Britain
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There seems to have been a lot of attention given over the last 12 months to digital and social media development of the websites, blogs and Facebook pages of the Scottish Art Societies
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A hypothetical “Company” has plans for its Pinterest “community”, and in particular, wonders about these situations:
  • Using Images of Identifiable People
  • Fair Use and Images
  • Trademarks: When is a “Fair Use” Argument Strongest?
  • Why Attribution and Linking to Original Sources is Important
and finally......

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  1. I'm a huge Kaffe Fasset fan myself, and done a number of his designs in needlepoint (I'm not much of an accomplished knitter) - I wish I could have seen this installation, as it looks simply incredible! Thanks for the pics!!


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