Friday, October 05, 2012

Verre Églomisé - an introduction

Verre Églomisé by Yanny Petters
I found out about Verre Églomisé yesterday. I'd never heard of it before and I'm guessing most of you won't have either.  It's not produced in the same way as stained glass.

This very helpful YouTube video - Verre Églomisé by Yanny Petters (high quality) - which has been created by Yanny Petters an Irish botanical artist who is a member of The Watercolour Society of Ireland who  lives in County Wicklow, Ireland.  She explains:
  • the process of producing artwork as Verre Églomisé - in a very clear step by step process
  • the history and background to the art of Verre Églomisé
  • how Verre Églomisé is used today - and in past

This is the glass painting page on Yany's website.  If you click the artwork you can see a larger version.

This is the news page containing the video on Yanny's website

Note: Thanks to Lotus McElfish and Shevaun Docherty for highlighting this on Facebook's Botanical Artists Group