Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Threadneedle Prize 2012: names of selected artists

Below you can find the names of the artists selected for the 2012 exhibition of the £30,000 Threadneedle Prize.  Also included are links to their websites - just click the name (where I have been able to identify these)

The £30,000 is the most valuable prize for a single work of figurative art in the UK.

Threadneedle Prize 2012 - The Selection process
The Selectors: (Left to right) Nicholas Usherwood, Peter Randall-Page and Chris Riopelle

Back in June I announced that 153 works by 144 artists from the UK and continental Europe have been selected for the Threadneedle Prize Exhibition 2012 - see Threadneedle Prize 2012: Analysis of entries / selected artists

The total of 153 works is three times bigger than the number of works exhibited in previous Threadneedle Exhibitions.  After some criticisms of the selection last year, the selectors have apparently included a much broader cross-section of figurative painting and sculpture than that seen in any previous Threadneedle Prize exhibition.  37 of the works selected are sculptures.

The artists included also vary from past winners of major prizes - including this prize - and prominent figurative painters among the premier art societies to recent graduates and younger emerging artists.  This is also the first year that artists from Continental Europe have been able to submit work.

There are two benefits to the changes this year

  • Hopefully this broader approach will provide a better representation of the quality of contemporary figurative artwork in the Uk today
  • Plus - if these trends continue - it makes the Threadneedle Prize = a much more attractive competition to enter from the artist's perspective.

The Threadneedle Prize Exhibition 2012 is to be held at the Mall Galleries in central London, which is held between 26 September and 13 October 2012.

Threadneedle Prize 2012: Selected Artists

I saw a lot to like - and a lot of unique and/or original contemporary figurative art as I went through finding the websites. Right click on the link in their name and open in a new tab to see them.  

If you spot any errors and/or want to volunteer a link to a selected artwork (or an image of it) please leave a comment or email me - see the right hand column for how to contact me. I'm also happy to publish a small number of additional images of selected work in this post - just send me the file.
The 2012 exhibiting artists are:
Jeanette Barnes - Charcoal Drawings of The Olympic Stadium, the Shard and the Aquatic Centre
From the "Built" exhibition at the Mall Galleries in June 2012

One of Every Species of Bird found in Hong Kong, Cage 26 by Fran Gifford
110cm x 80cm, graphite pencil (drawn using only horizontal lines

My Feet by Ben Greener
Wood, glue, canvas dyed with tea and coffee.
10x24x34 cm
Vote for the £10,000 Visitors' Choice Award

If you visit the exhibition you can cast a vote for the £10,000 Visitors’ Choice Prize after you've viewed all the artwork. Every one of the 153 works is eligible to win this Prize.  That means the public vote really counts for something - so get along to the gallery to see this exhibition in September if you can!

Prize announcements

Six works have been shortlisted for the £30,000 Threadneedle Prize.  These will be announced at a Preview on the evening of Tuesday 25 September 2012.

The winners of both The Threadneedle Prize and Visitors’ Choice will be announced at a special Awards Dinner, hosted by TV personality Victoria Coren, on Wednesday 10 October 2012.


  1. Thank you for compiling this! It must have been a lot of work. Now it gives me a great pleasure...

  2. This is fantastic Katherine. Thanks so much. Must've taken some doing.


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