Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Nicole Caulfield and her Mobile Art Studio / Gallery

Have you ever fancied having a dedicated studio or gallery space - on wheels? 

My friend Nicole Caulfield decided her summer project was to create a mobile studio/gallery for art fairs and the like.
I am committed to have my camper gallery up and running before Columbus Day weekend for our Fall Foliage Art Studio Tour.
A lot has happened in the last two weeks!

The story of a Mobile Art Studio and Gallery

In the limelight - Nicole's Mobile Art Gallery (a work in progress)
Take a look at her blog Nicole Caulfield Fine Art It all started a month ago with......
  • Camper (13 July 2012) when Nicole got interested in what other artists and crafts people had done to airstream caravans and camper trailers in terms of making them into usable spaces for making and displaying art
  • Then Nicole started to get a bit carried away on Pinterest - this is her camper / trailer board
  • Followed by her summer holiday - when I think she worked out her plan for what to do on her return home 
  • Then on 15 August we had Camper Update - starting with some major cleaning of the camper she had been given followed by priming for its new paint job
  • Followed by Camper Art Gallery Designs which covers the paint to use and paint designs
  • then Color Pick for the exterior decor - her Facebook friends opted for a vintage 30s look
  • then it got its first coat of paint of light jade green
  • followed by another Camper Update 8/24 which finalised the colour scheme as green, red, yellow, and white and showed off its new curtains and tackled the need for a new door
  • and finally yesterday on 27 August - less than two weeks after she started she published Camper is ready! Sublime Mobile Art Studio.  Her daughter came up with the name!
The Exterior of the Sublime Mobile Art Gallery
The exterior will have a red and white striped awning attached when 'on duty'
The door doubles as a place to hang Nicole's  series of food art. Does this make it 'door art'? ;)
Plus note the hanging rail attached to the top of the side of the caravan for yet more art

The interior of the Sublime Mobile Art Gallery
complete with more in the Food Art and Retro series by Nicole Caulfield

Take a closer look

For those who want to take a closer look:
You can see also more of Nicole's artwork on her website

...and there's going to be more mobile galleries

Nicole tells me that she and a friend intend starting a Facebook Page to encourage artists to do the same and create camper gallery/studios across the country.  Her friend Kristina Wentzell is using a Kickstart project to get her happy camper on the road.

The notion is that when there are enough people with mobile galleries, artists can get together and have shows regionally.  She's open to suggestions as to what the name for this Venture might be.  Suggestions to her latest blog post please.

Ever since I've known her, Nicole has been out there at the leading edge trying new media and new surfaces to work on and starting new trends.  I trail in her wake spreading the news of what she's now doing! :)

When you all have a mobile gallery space in 2-3 years time - remember you read it here first - that's if you hadn't already read it on Nicole's blog or on Facebook!