Thursday, August 23, 2012

Exhibition: Federation of British Artists Presents London

FBA Presents London - The latest 'group' exhibition by members of the various national art societies that make up the Federation of British Artists finishes on Saturday.  I'm hoping to get to see it tomorrow.
To celebrate London 2012 the historic Federation of British Artists showcase their views of London at the Mall Galleries. Taking us on a tour through the city, the exhibition documents London’s landmarks, as well as its lesser known corners, through the eyes of its artists.
About the Exhibition
Here's a sample of the works on view in the exhibition - and online in the special exhibition microsite
Images from the Online Website for FBA Presents London
NEW: all paints for sale online as well as in the gallery
What's new with this exhibition is that all the images are for sale online - via the microsite as well as via the exhibition in the Mall Galleries.

The participating artists from the various art societies within the Federation of British Artists who are exhibiting work are listed below. CLICK the link in the name to see the work being exhibited by the artist:
The Exhibition is open until 25 August 2012 and closes at 3pm on Saturday.