Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Tate's Pinterest Top Ten Pin List

Last week I discovered that the Tate has a Pinterest account (see ).  I looked a bit further and realised that it was actually just a way of the Tate Gallery shops bringing their products that they're retailing to people's attention.

The selection of Boards created by the Tate Gallery on Pinterest
So you click on Damien Hirst or Gerhard Richter and think you might get to see more of their recent exhibitions.  You do - but only to the extent that the Tate is selling a poster of the work or the exhibition poster or a catalogue.  The account has identified, organised and set up a number of Boards which all feature items for sale in the Tate Gallery shops.

This is strictly retail folks!

The Top Ten Tate Gallery Pin List

In a very curious way, it tells you what people think about art, artists and what art museums are for. Could it be that museums have now morphed into shops?

So today the top ten boards which have attracted pins are as follows:
  1. Greetings Cards 104 pins
  2. Art Reads 86 pins
  3. Children's Gifts 65 pins
  4. Artist Products 48 pins
  5. Picasso & Modern British Art 48 pins
  6. Exhibition catalogues 44 pins
  7. Damien Hirst 44 pins
  8. Pre-Raphaelites 43 pins
  9. Children's Books 37 pins
  10. Kusama 31 pins
I found it all rather depressing.

Is this really the way that the Tate wants to be identified on Pinterest?  Compare for example the Smithsonian's approach - with their Archives of American Art account.