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19th August 2012 - Who's made a mark this week?

I'm sitting writing this late at night on the basis I thought it might be cooler.  It's not - and I might just have to finish this tomorrow.

It's been three weeks since the last "who's made a mark this week" and I'm currently recovering from an excess of the Olympics and living in a weird limbo land before the Paralympics start up at the end of the month.  I live two miles from the Olympic Stadium and it was very odd watching all those fireworks in the opening and closing ceremonies both through the window behind my television at the same time as I aw them on the box.

I was amused by this post on the Etsy blog Noted: When Artists Competed at the Olympics.

Artists and Art Blogs

'The Day is Done" by David Poxon
26"x37", watercolour
appearing at OK Harris Gallery, New York, U.S.A.
September/October 2012
Congratulation to David Poxon RI (Art of the Real) and David J Teter (Avid Art), two regular readers of this blog who have both been elected to the National Watercolour Society.

David Teter's blog post Spot-Lighted is about the painting below which is in the 92nd Annual Exhibition of the National Watercolour Society

"PHL Sulfur Pile" (2012) by David J Teter
watercolor on illustration board, 18" x 27" (45.72cm 68.58x cm)
Currently in Annual Exhibition of the National Watercolor Society


This is my blog post about the death of the Australian art critic and author Robert Hughes -
Robert Hughes (1938 - 2012) will be missed

Drawing and Sketching
The only one of its kind, Yorkshire Sculpture Park is an international centre for modern and contemporary art, experienced and enjoyed by thousands of visitors every year.
  • I've been interested to see how many artists who I see exhibiting at the Mall Galleries are beginning to pursue the art of blogging.  This is the blog of Pete the Street - as Peter Brown is known - which he started earlier this year.  It's good to see that Pete has now managed to conquer the art of the image upload so that we're getting some great sketches of NEAC committee meetings and paintings of the Jubilee pageant with his posts (see below for his latest exhibition with Jane Corsellis)
  • I'm hugely enjoying the sharing if wisdom learned over a lifetime and the writing of my friend Louise Sackett on her new blog Plein Speaking.  She also makes me smile a lot. Here's a couple of posts:
Art History

Art Business & Marketing

Art Books
  • These are The Best New Art Books: May - July 2012
  • Some of you may know Dover Books as a source of books about images from the past. I own a number of them and they're a jolly good buy if you just want to look at images - particularly drawings from the past.  I never knew they had a shop in Covent Garden but apparently The Dover Bookshop is located at 18 Earlham Street.
Art Exhibitions
Tate Modern and the Millennium Bridge from the Thames Pathway
11.5" x 16", pen and ink and coloured pencils
copyright Katherine Tyrrell
Major Art Galleries

Art Societies
The RE Open is a brand new printmaking exhibition, selected from a large open submission by a distinguished group of artists, academics, curators, print dealers and collectors. The exhibition comprises an exciting selection of work from the UK and overseas, including installation pieces, artists' books and wall mounted pieces. All work is for sale.
Artists and Art Bloggers
  • The Albany Gallery in Cardiff is having a two-man show covering the paintings of two members of NEAC - Peter Brown and Jane Corsellis (17th August 2012 to 8th September 2012)
  • Anne Blankson-Hemans, one of the artists on Show me the Monet has been raising the money for her next exhibition Sunshine and Music through a crowd-sourcing website
Art Education

The heat has beaten me.  Come back tomorrow to read an update which will include the rest of this section!
Art History
Opinion Poll
and finally......

This is a Bob Ross Remix Bob Ross PBS Remix Puts Us on ‘Happy Little Cloud’ Nine - courtesy of Mashable 


  1. yay! I love Peter Brown's work! I don't see it often but have an old catalogue of painting of the river by him.

    I'd like to make a plea to art bloggers - please please put an RSS feed subscription button on your blogs! Please. It's an easy widget on Blogger. And saves fan from having to copy and paste your URL into Google Reader or similar page. (we don't all want to be public followers) Thanks. :)

    Going to try and join you for the sketch crawl too!

  2. Katherine,
    Thank you for the feature on my painting for the NWS. It's an honor to be on your blog.
    I love David Poxon's watercolors and look forward to the opening to see the original.
    His subjects of machinery and metal are among the best.

    Still picking my way through this "Who's made a mark this week". There is always so much to read and link through.
    I'll bet you don't forget the Olympic fireworks anytime soon. I remember the '84 Olympics here in LA although I didn't that unique experience you had.


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