Tuesday, October 04, 2011

POLL: Do you sign and date your artwork?

Artists have a variety of practices in relation to signing and dating their artwork.  This month's Making A Mark Poll invites you to comment on what your own personal practice is!

The question you're being asked in October is Do you sign and date your artwork?  The options in the poll differentiate between all artwork and artwork for sale and between signing and initialing.  They also allow you to indicate whether you also date your artwork
  • yes - always sign all artwork
  • yes - always sign and date all artwork
  • yes - sign all artwork "for sale"
  • yes - sign and date all artwork "for sale"
  • yes - initial artwork
  • yes - initial and date all artwork
  • yes - but only when I remember!
  • I neither sign nor date my artwork
I've also created a new website How to Sign a Painting to provide a resource which offers a structured introduction to artists signatures for:
  • ARTISTS who want to know more about the best way to sign and date a work of art
  • ARTISTS who want help with signatures for specific media (this needs some more work!)
  • ART LOVERS AND COLLECTORS who want to know more the signatures of artists from the past and present
It also includes three slightly different polls which expand on this topic:
Do let me know what your own thoughts are on this topic.  Also I'd be very pleased to hear about any websites which you think are a useful resource.

I aim to summarise best practice after analysing the results of the poll.

You have until 30th October to complete the poll - which you can find in the side column just above "For Your Information". The analysis of the results will be posted on 31st October.

I'm just wondering how many of you are going to 'fess up to not always remembering to sign your artwork before you frame it! ;)

For the record my own personal practice in general is to:
  • use small and clear initials on the front of all artwork for sale (when I don't forget!)
  • also sign and date all artwork for sale on the reverse
So - what do you do?