Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Do you draw or paint water?

Nearly three years ago I was a founder - with others - of a new group called Watermarks.  It's proved to be a very successful group blog  - with very nearly 100,000 visitors since December 2008.  Plus nearly 500 people have subscribed to it.

Blue and Silver - The Chopping Channel (1899) - a watercolour by James McNeil Whistler

Time has passed and, as is the nature of these things, people lives have changed.  New endeavours and other commitments ("life happens") mean that some members are now unable to be as active as they have been hitherto and now want to retire from active involvement at this time - although for some this means they'll now be more in the background for the time being.

As a result the group is looking for new members - see A sea change - in membership of Watermarks
About Watermarks

Watermarks is a small community of artists who make art from water. We like to sketch, draw and/or paint water - the sea, the coastline, beaches, rivers, streams, waterfalls, fountains - in all contexts, styles, genres and media.

In this blog we will display our works in progress as well as completed art, highlight other artists (past and present) whose art involves water, and discuss various media matters and tips and techniques for creating art out of water

You can find out more about the artists by clicking this link
This is a group which has always sought to support the creative endeavours of its members and from time to time there is an active discourse via email behind the scenes.  It has been very active in the past although posting has slowed of late.

Consequently we particularly like people who are:
  • interested in exploring different ways in which water (or fish or other sea life) can be portrayed
  • are supportive of the endeavours of others
  • can provide constructive and informative feedback rather than "happy clappies"
We have been "headhunting" and already have a shortlist of possibles.  We will be approaching people who we think might be a good fit with our endeavours in the near future - so some of you might be getting an email! ;)

However if you think you might be somebody who could be a good fit with the aims of the group and the effort involved - or know somebody who is  - do please take a look at today's blog post on Watermarks - A sea change - in membership of Watermarks.

If you still think the same after reading that post get in contact as per the post and see if you can get on our shortlist of possible new members.

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