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Key Dates for UK National Art Society Exhibitions in 2012

Sunset outside the Mall Galleries
This post summarises key dates for the Annual Open Exhibitions by the Art Societies in the UK in 2012 - namely:
  • Submission deadlines for entries 
  • the Exhibition dates 
At present not all the dates are available - but the FBA exhibition dates are now certain and are detailed below - and given the big change in the arrangements for 2012 it seemed a good idea to publish this post some two months earlier than usual!

This listing:

The Call for Entries is highlighted in red where firm dates are available.

Please note that some of the dates of exhibitions at the Mall Galleries are VERY different to those which applied in 2011 - with a major change for The Pastel Society.

This is because the location of the Mall Galleries is very much affected by the activities in the nearby Olympic Zone during the Olympic period.  Exhibitions seem to be starting earlier BEFORE the Olympic and starting later AFTER the Olympics.  I'm not sure what's happening to the other national art societies which hire the Mall Galleries for their exhibitions during the summer months - but will try and find out.

Links in the left hand column are to the relevant page(s) on the society’s website or organising site.

See also my post this week about the NEW two-stage digital pre-selection process for FBA Exhibitions
  • Notification of pre-selection for the FBA Society Exhibitions is in general one week after the deadline for digital submission.  
  • Works that are pre-selected are not automatically accepted for exhibition.
  • Registration and Digital Submission opens up NEXT WEEK for four of the exhibitions.

Annual Exhibition 2012

Submission Deadline Dates

Exhibition Dates 2012

Pastel Society
Call for Entries
Making A Mark Call for Entries post
register/digital submission:
open 1 Nov 2011
close 21 Nov 2011
receiving days: 9-10 Dec 2011
Mall Galleries
PV: 13 Feb 2012
Open: 13 Feb - 25 Feb 2012
Royal Society of British Artists
Call for Entries
register/digital submission:
open 1 Nov 2011
close 15 Dec 2011
receiving days: 13-14 January 2012
Mall Galleries
PV: 28 Feb 2012
Open: 29 Feb - 10 March 2012
Royal Scottish Society of Painters in Watercolour
Call for Entries
mid-January 2012(?)
to be confirmed
early Feb - early March 2012 (?)
to be confirmed
Royal Institute of Painters in Watercolour
Call for Entries
register/digital submission:
open 1 Nov 2011
close 5 Jan 2012
receiving days: 27-28 January 2012
Mall Galleries
PV: 13 March 2012
Open: 14-25 March 2012
RWS Open Competition
Call for Entries
to be confirmedBankside Gallery: to be confirmed
Society of Botanical Artists
Call for Entries
Receiving Day: 27 February 2012Westminster Central Hall
20 April -  29 April 2012
Royal Society of Portrait Painters
Call for Entries
register/digital submission:
open 1 Nov 2011
close 23 Feb 2012
receiving days: 16-17 March 2012
Mall Galleries
PV: 2 May 2012
Open: 3-18 May 2012
RSPP International Submissionsto be confirmed
Royal Academy of Art: Summer Exhibition

If you would like to submit work, you will be able to purchase an entry form from early January – 9 March 2012.

For all other enquiries, please email

Call for Entries
to be confirmed:
Sculpture Photo deadline: ?? March
Sculpture (invited: ??April
Transport agent deliveries: ?? March
Glazed works (watercolours, prints, drawings, etc): ?? March
Unglazed works (oils, acrylics, etc): ?? March
Architecture: ?? April
Royal Academy of Arts
?? June – ?? August
Society of Women Artists
Call for Entries
15 – 16 April 2012to be confirmed
Society of Feline Artists
Call for Entries
Llewellyn Alexander Gallery
PV: 28 August 2012
23 August - 14 September 2012
Society of Equestrian Artists
Call for Entries
to be confirmedto be confirmed
UK Coloured Pencil Society
Call for Entries
11 JuneNuneaton Art Gallery
6 October - 25 November 2012
Guild of Aviation Artists
Call for Entries
To be confirmedto be confirmed
Royal Society of Marine Artists
Call for Entries
register/digital submission:
open 2 April 2012
close 12 July 2012
receiving days: 17-18 August 2012
Mall Galleries
PV: 16 October 2012
Open: 17-28 October 2012
Royal Society of Miniature Painters, Sculptors & Engravers
Call for Entries
to be confirmedMall Galleries:
(probably) 17-28 October
Society of Feline Artists
Call for Entries
To be confirmedLlewellyn Alexander Gallery:
26 August - 16 September
Society of Graphic Fine Art
Call for Entries
To be confirmed - published December 2012Menier Gallery:
?? October 2012
Society of Wildlife Artists
Call for Entries - will update to 2012 dates
register/digital submission:
open 8 May 2012
close 16 August 2012
receiving days: 10-11 September 2012
Mall Galleries
PV: 31 October 2012
Open: 1-11 November 2012
New English Art Club
Call for Entries - will update to 2012 dates
register/digital submission:
open 11 June 2012
close 13 Sept. 2012
receiving days: 5-6 October 2012
Mall Galleries
PV: 29 November 2012
Open: 30 November - 9 December 2012
Royal Institute of Oil Painters
Call for Entries - will update to 2012 dates
register/digital submission:
open 2 July 2012
close 11 October 2012
receiving days: 2-3 November 2012
Mall Galleries
PV: 11 December 2012
Open: 12-23 December 2012
Royal Scottish Academy
Call for Entries
receiving days: ?? October 2012Royal Scottish Academy
?? November 2012

  1. Mall Galleries / Federation of British Artists – work to be submitted to regional pick-up points or to basement at FBA HQ at 17Carlton House Terrace.  
  2. LA Gallery:  Llewellyn Alexander Gallery 124 -126 The Cut, Waterloo, London SE1 8LN UK (opposite the Old Vic Theatre)
  3. Bankside:  Bankside Gallery, 48 Hopton Street, London, SE1 9JH 
Links: My "resources for artists" sites about art societies, art competitions and annual exhibitions


  1. Thanks so much for this Katherine, I’ve bookmarked it and will write all dates that interest me in my diary. I was naively assuming the pastel society would be much wondering if I can paint what I wanted to paint for them within the next month, LOL!! I should have checked before.....

  2. I think there's maybe more than just you thinking the same thing about the Pastel Society. I'm going to do a proper Call for Entries for that one next week just to remind me people they've not got long now.

    I make it just 6 weeks to the Receiving Day and just over three weeks until the deadline for registering for pre-selection.

  3. 3 weeks....that’s fast pastelling!


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