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16th October 2011 - Who's made a mark this week?

Apple and Goat's Cheese by Julian Merrow Smith
Two weeks have passed with no "who's made a mark this week?" for which I can only cite:
  • yet more Indian Summer days and lots more outings with my newly retired "other half".  I think I said at the beginning of the year that my posting frequency might be affected after he retires.  Let's just say he's really into getting out and about!
  • the new fridge freezer saga - which I won't bore you with save to say it took up a lot of time and effort - but in the end I didn't have to rebuild the kitchen!  
Artists and Art Blogs

  • Julian Merrow Smith (Postcard from Provence) has been out of action for rather longer than me - having just been in hospital in Marseilles for four weeks.  Finally - hurrah! - he should be back home today / round about now!  Welcome back to the Internet Julian - and I guess I'm not the only one who is hoping you will be back posting paintings again just as soon as your recuperation allows.  The painting at the top of this post is the last one he painted and posted in mid September
  • Carole Marine (Carol Marine's Painting a Day) is now living in her new home in Oregon - well away from the tinderbox called Texas.  Regular readers will recall Carole and her husband and son had minutes to vacate their home before both the house and her brand new studio burned to the ground last month in the Batstrop fires.  You can see where she is now and plans for studio development in her New Beginnings blog.  Meanwhile she has a post about happens when you starts to paint a new subject - and her response to the reaction - Whatever!  It has well over 100 comments so far.
  • Meanwhile Jo Castillo (Jo Castillo) whose house was also burned out in the same fires is still in her RV and hoping to close on a new home soon.  It's weird to read her talk about playing golf and discussing which holes got burned.
  • The Artling has a long and very interesting interview with Liz Steel - Artist Interview - Sketch Artist Liz Steel 
Drawing and Sketching
Art Business and Marketing
Art Collectors and Art Economy 
"Like making a baby, the best is the process"a collector interviewed for the film
    • and the film about "The Rostrum" - the auctioneer's perspective
    • Still to come is the film about "The House" - which is about Sotheby's - the auction house
Art Competitions
Art Exhibitions


Work by Ford Madox Brown
Art Societies

Part of the Special Loan Exhibition of Royal Portrait Miniatures
I posted reviews of the annual exhibitions of two national art societies this week
A quick reminder to the oil painters out there that the submission dates for the Annual Exhibition (in December) of the Royal Institute of Oil Painters is 28th and 29th October at the FBA in Carlton House Terrace.  Further details about submission.

    Art Museums and art history
    Art Education

    Various artists have posted tutorials and/or comments on ways of working
    Plus I went to a lecture at the RA which I've summarised - see Degas, Hockney and the freeze frame

    Art books
    Art Materials and Supplies
    Opinion Polls
    Internet, social media, webware and blogging
    and finally.....

    Flash your virtual cash! This is a link to The Guardian's Fantasy Frieze Auction - where you get to bid on artworks and then get told what it actually went for!

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    Cherry Jeffs said...

    Thanks for the info about the Ford Maddox Brown exhibition. I'm hoping to get home to Manchester in December and I'll try and catch it :)

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