Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sunrise over Mont Ventoux

Sunrise over Mont Ventoux by makingamark2
Sunrise over Mont Ventoux, a photo by makingamark2 on Flickr.
Something a little different from the normal Sunday makingamark post.....

I thought I might try a visual essay of Provence and upload a photograph each day of something that has "made a mark" on me.

I didn't have to go far this morning. I stuck my head out the door to look at the day and rushed back inside for my camera.

This photograph was taken of the early morning sky above Mont Ventoux while I was stood in the road just outside the house in my PJs!

PS The sketches and paintings will remain on the other two blogs - first sketches from the trip have now been uploaded. See Four Go Painting In Provence and Travels with a Sketchbook (links in side column)

Note:  Making A Mark is on holiday


  1. that makes me so so homesick!!! and so glad you met the gorgeous mr posk! have a happy time xxx

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  3. So beautiful I'd love to paint it. But would anyone believe a painting with that much technicolor glory?

  4. Great photo. Here are a couple of similar photos taken from my bedroom window of a sunset,(near Hampton Court)
    Hope you've had a good trip.


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