Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Making A Mark is on holiday

...starting tomorrow morning at 7am when the car is finally packed to the gunnels and I set off for Folkstone and my first trip with a car through the Channel Tunnel.

Then after surfacing in Calais, I drive all the way across France to Provence!

Sounds simple doesn't it.

It's actually over 1,000 kilometres (626 miles) which is nearly 12 hours of non-stop driving.  Personally speaking I stopped doing non-stop driving on my own after a consultancy assignment  lasting several months which involved me driving for five hours from London to Penzance in Cornwall every Monday morning - and then put in a full day's work.

These days I like to make steady progress but break it up.

I've actually driven across France before - but never done it both ways having previously let the motorail take some of the strain, mainly to save time.  All navigation came courtesy of the big yellow book otherwise known as the Michelin atlas of France. This time my new satnav comes too.

Current plans are to stop in Epernay, the capital of the Champagne world, on Thursday night, somewhere on the south side of Lyon, the the capital of gastronomy in France, on Friday night before getting to my destination on Saturday. You may have guessed by now that I like the way the French value fine food and wines!

Driving down to Provence - click this link to see more of the route
After that I'll be getting down to some serious drawing, sketching and painting.  The alkyds and new brushes have been bought and packed along with the amazing amount of other stuff I seem to have decided it's essential to take.

You can follow what we all get up to on Four Go Painting in Provence.  You can follow all the places we paint in Places We Painted which also includes possible prospects for painting.

Today's post is about The first time I went painting in Provence - when the BBC came too!

I'm also planning to post my sketches to Travels with a Sketchbook.  Not sure if I've quite got a hang of mobile posting yet but I'm going to give it a go.

I'll be back writing this blog normally again after 4th July - which is when I'm due back home after I've driven all the way back to London!


Mary Hysong said...

sounds like loads of fun; have a good time, looking forward to your sketches!

José Carrilho (Go Detail) said...

Cher Katherine,

Je te souhaite un bon voyage :-)
If you can go a bit further try the Tarn region near the Pyrenees.
The Loire is also great, I guess.


Nelson Baltazar Castañeda Bernal said...

Have a good trip!

Anonymous said...

Bon Voyage! Sounds like a lovely trip! We drove to Switzerland (interlaken) and back a few years ago and it was completely worth the effort. On the way out we stopped over but on the way back we slogged out all day/night driving and ferry. We camped too so it was the only reasonable way of taking all the stuff we needed- planes and trains seemed too much fuss compared to sitting in your own space following a satnav. Were hoping to do it again next year with a (by then) two year old and a 6 month old but at a much slower pace. I wouldn't fly out of choice now. Too many memories to miss from the trip!

Shawna said...

1000 km only gets us 500 km away from the biggest city. Yellowknife is far away from anything. I looked at your map and was amazed all the the towns you will go past. Have a safe trip! Enjoy.

Anonymous said...

Oh, that's nice, bon voyage, bonnes vacances et bon appétit !

Sadami said...

Dear Katherine,
Please take care. Safe trip and enjoy them allʚ(ˆ◡ˆ)ɞ!!
Best wishes, Sadami

Unknown said...

Have a safe trip and a wonderful holiday. I look forward to reading all about it.

Minnie said...

I second José's recommendation of the Tarn region, with great wistfulness for reasons I won't bore you with - instead, I shall simply wish you 'bon voyage', 'bonne route' and 'bonnes vacances'!

4ojos said...

bon voyage!

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