Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Bread from the boulangerie

The bread in this photograph comes from the boulangerie in Bedoin, If I'd been into town early, as originally planned, I may well have never got to taste this bread which is made with chevre (goats cheese) and, at the bottom, citron (lemon)

However I learned that if you do not get to the boulangerie (below) early enough on Market day then the only baguettes left are those which have been reserved

Which is how I came to buy and eat this bread. Trying new things brings it's own delight.

(Note: I'm currently on holiday in France and this post forms part of a photo essay.)


Blu said...

Yes you must get out at an early hour to get bread! But it is worth it!

Lianne said...

We need this in England. Asda doesn't quite cut it