Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Cherries from the orchards

After the bread and the wine come the cherries. This part of Provence - the Vaucluse - has a lot of cherry orchards - and, right now, an awful lot of cherries for sale. These are some that Ronelle bought yesterday.

At least we won't be stuck for a still life object should we need one......

That's if there are left uneaten......


  1. YUM! Bread, wine, cherries - what can be next?

  2. Cherries - one of my absolutely favourite fruits. There are not enough in my life! As to the bread - wooohoo, I have that mastered with a great bread book and now I make my own authentic French bread.

  3. I am enjoying your Provence blog so much, with photos and paintings. If I can't get to France, this vicarious vacation is the next best thing.

    I love how even the baskets for the cherries are paint-worthy.

    You are also giving me ideas about what is a good time of year to go to France for painting, what is blooming, what the weather is like.

    Looking forward to the next posts.

    Lorraine K in Saskatoon


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