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Entry conditions for Society of Botanical Artists' Exhibition 2011

Botanical artists are reminded that the submission date for entries to the Annual Exhibition of the Society of Botanical Artists is 14th February.
The title of the exhibition for 2011 is The World of Plants and visitors can observe how the various artists have used their talents to portray not only the many beautiful floral specimens but vegetables too. All work is for sale including prints and cards.
Exhibition entry schedules are available by request for UK artists to Executive Secretary SBA (click the link to see address and email address to make request for a schedule)

I've summarised the main points below.  I think I detect a few changes this year.

Exhibition - submission details
  • Eligible work:   pictures, scultpure, miniature work, glass engraving, ceramics, jewellary, carving, metal-work (photography and digital works are not eligible)
  • Originality: all work must be original and executed by the artist who signs the submission form.  Copies of any work by any other artists, living or dead, could result in prosecution. 
  • Subjects:  traditional botanical illustration and plant portraiture; works reflecting habitat and environment.  DNA research has revealed that fungi have no biological connection with the plant kingdom but the historical associations mean that the SBA has decided to continue to show works about fungi separately in the show.
  • Size of subject:  subject matter may be life-size, reduced or enlarged
  • Size of work:  size constraints for miniatures are 7" x 5" for miniature paintings; Sculpture 8" in any dimension.
  • Framing:   
    • All paintings have to be presented in wooden frame with a minimum width of 1" (ie wide enough and strong enough for exhibition display fittings. (They normally use mirror plates)
    • No protuberances of any sort on the rear; all D rings must be taped down
    • plastic glass, non-reflective glass and work framed with clips will not be admissable
    • all works must be properly sealed at the back
    • bad presentation affects the chances of selection
  • Number of works
    • Up to five works - ALL must be subject to selection and for sale
    • Non members seeking associate membership must submit five works
    • a maximum of four works by non members will be hung
  • Sale Price:  
    • the minimum sale price inclusive of commission is £180 (excluding miniatures, three dimensional work and etchings) and all works must be for sal.  
    • Note that commission of 39% is payable on all sales at the exhibition or resulting in any way from the exhibition - including copyright, commissions for work, prints and reproductions of any kind.
  • Submission  and hanging fees:   The SBA divides these in two - so...
    • everybody has to pay a submission fee but hanging fees are only payable if work is selected.  
    • Associate members pay an Associate Membership fee in lieu of hanging fees
    • the highest rates are charged where no measurements are given on the schedule
    • The Society is not VAT registered. Artists are responsible for their own VAT calculations. 
Pictures and SculptureSubmission feeHanging fee
up to 24”£5.00£14.50
up to 29”£5.00£16.00

    Receiving Day
    • Receiving day is 14 February 2011 - at the Aldersgate Room at Westminster Central Hall.  
      • The nearest undergound stations are Westminster and St James Park
      • There is a car park in Abingdon Square and metred parking - however this is a very busy part of London for parking and you may find no places available.
      • You need to bring your completed exhibition schedule, works and a cheque or cash for the submission fees.
    • Postal submissions:  The Society does not accept works by post or carriage - however works submitted via a carrier and arriving on the receiving day ONLY will be accepted.  Couriers will be expected to unpack the work.

    Exhibition - other details
    A change this year is that the exhibition will be held in the Basement of Central Hall.  I think the brand new and extremely strident carpet in the normal room in which they exhibit maybe proved too much competition for the artwork in 2010!

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