Sunday, February 13, 2011

In need of a title - again!

In need of a title
8" x 10", mixed media
copyright Katherine Tyrrell

Today is "getting ready" day for my submission to the Annual Exhibition of the Society of Botanical Artists at Central Hall Westminster tomorrow.

So today's post is very short and tomorrow's post will be the "who's made a mark this week" post.

However I'm in need of a title.  Not doing strictly Linnaeus type botanical drawings I don't title my pieces with strictly correct botanical names.  It always seems to me those belong to strictly accurate botanical drawings of the type I admire but don't do.

Fortunately the SBA allows submission by people like me who produce plant portraiture of a different sort.

I've continued with my theme of cacti and succulents and have this new piece which is a variety of  sempervivum.  However it lacks a title at present and I have a form to complete.   However I'm notoriously bad at titles unless I "get" them streight off.

Any suggestions?


  1. To be honest I like the title as it is, ...

    It makes you wonder what kind of flower you watching and it also gives the flower an asking feel to it, which I like.

  2. I suggest: Rosette.
    It refers to the circular arrangement of leaves.
    Also it gives a wink to the colour: rose-pink.

  3. The hidden heart.
    Journey to the centre
    ...I am thinking...

  4. 'succulent" is imbued with full-mouthed interest ...

    or ... tickled pink
    0r ... first blush
    or ... into the heart

    from an objective perspective so many come to mind ...

    nice piece >>> GINA

  5. Protection.
    It is very lovely Katherine, I especially like the tiny White hairs on all the leaves, or are they petals? I love these plants but can never say the name!

  6. Brings to mind Semper Fidelis ("always faithful") to me. Sorry, my brother was a Marine. ;) Or even just "succulent".

  7. my first thought was 'succulent rose'... though i do like a lot of the other suggestions :)

  8. If I'm correct this type is monocarpic - flowers once then dies. A title to reflect this poignancy perhaps?
    Final Flush?
    Too gloomy?
    Some good suggestions above ..

  9. I think "Hairy reds" might an idea because you ask yourself what this can be before seeing the painting or you smile or doubt about the title after seeing the picture O:-)

  10. Beautiful work! I second Paula's idea of entitling your painting "Rosette."

    Re. titles, Robert Genn wrote an article on them a few years ago in his May 2, 2006 letter to artists, The article is entitled: "Titles of paintings." He names 5 categories of titles.

  11. Whatever the title Kathryn, it is nice to read some posts dedicated to your own work.

  12. How about 'unfolding' or 'grand opening'?

  13. Thank you all so much for all the suggestions - you are all so much better at this than me! :)

    "Rosette" was dropped off at Central Hall Westminster this afternoon!

    Thanks to Paula who came up with the original suggestion.

  14. One time i asked my son if he could think of a title for one of my paintings. He said the artist should title their piece. I agree!

  15. Clever title! Lovely artwork!

    So agree that titles either present themselves during production or not at all - and then 'thinking one up' becomes a headache. Good luck. Lesley

  16. A beautiful piece Katherine - best of luck!!


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