Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Artwork accepted into "The World of Plants"

(Top) Triangulation (framed 14" x 18.5")
(Bottom) Tesselation (framed 13" x 17"
coloured pencils on Arches HP
Exhibition The World of Plants 8-17 April 2011
copyright Katherine Tyrrell

I've had three drawings of plants juried into the Annual Exhibition of the Society of Botanical Artists.

The World of Plants is being held at Westminster Central Hall between 8th April and 17th April 2011.
The title of the exhibition for 2011 is The World of Plants and visitors can observe how the various artists have used their talents to portray not only the many beautiful floral specimens but vegetables too. All work is for sale including prints and cards.

Only the scent will be missing!
Two of the accepted works can be seen on the right.  Guess who forgot to take a scan of the completed third work - Rosette!  (Now you know the reason why I wrote The Exhibition Checklist! Thanks again to Paula for the suggesting the title! - see In need of a title - again!)

Submitting work for this exhibition each year has allowed me to take a journey in terms of what I like to portray.  Increasingly, I'm finding I'm absolutely fascinated by the abstracted patterns to be found in macro views of different plants - hence the titles for the two works on the right - Triangulation and Tesselation.
Other exhibitors

If anybody else who reads this blog has also got their work into "The World of Plants" I'm happy to update this post to do a 'shout-out' to you if you've already put up a blog post about your entry.

Also if any of you are botanical artists and have had work accepted but won't be able to get to the exhibition, do please let me know.  I'm allowed to take photographs for the review of the exhibition which I do each year and hence can take a photograph of your work in situ in the exhibition - and send it to you.  I've done it before and am happy to do it again.

Location of Central Hall, Westminster

For those who have never visited the exhibition before, Central Hall is right opposite the West Door of Westminster Abbey - that's the one which Prince William and Catherine Middleton will use to enter and exit the Abbey on their Wedding Day on 29th April! :)  Here's a link to Google Maps for the location.

Central Hall, Westminster - opposite West Door of Westminster Abbey.
Image from Google Maps

PS  News of the success with my juried submission makes up somewhat for currently being unable to walk - due to yet another incident with my awful right foot.  I've had to cancel today's planned visit to the "Watercolour" exhibition at Tate Britain.  Here's hoping the trapped nerve or whatever it is causing the excruciating pain sorts itself out fast!

Links: These are websites I've developed for those interested in botanical art either as an artist or art lover.


  1. Congratulations Katherine! Hope you are on the mend soon.

  2. Congratuations Katherine, they look superb and I love the titles too. I'm so sorry to hear about your foot, hope you are skipping about again very soon :)

  3. brilliant news, about the successful submissions, not your foot! Well done and well deserved Katherine, they are very beautiful pieces indeed.

  4. Yay! Congratulations Katherine! I like your 'macro' style compositions very much. Refreshing, perhaps more visually interesting compared to the 'classic' botanicals.

    Sorry to hear about your foot - i hope it sorts itself out soon.


  5. Congratulations, Katherine!
    Hope the foot is better soon...

  6. Congratulations Katherine! Nice pieces. I like the subtle color palette and titles of the two you included in this blog entry. Rosette is very nice too and all 3 pieces work well together.

  7. Congratulation Katherine! Great work, great titles!

  8. That's wonderful news. Congratulations. Your pencil work is so sympathetic to the delicate plant textures. Hope the foot improves quickly.

  9. So happy for you. Congratulations. Your work is lovely. Best wishes for healthy feet.

  10. Congratulations on these. You palette is just wonderful. Hope the foot gets better soon as well!

  11. Congratulations, very sensitive and powerful pieces!

  12. Congratulations! I had no doubts about their acceptance :>)

    hope the foot recovers quickly

  13. Congratulations to the successful submission..absolutely terrific!

    You foot should give in and behave wishes,hopefully the pain will be over soon.

  14. Many thanks for all the lovely comments. I had a big smile on my face every time I read one of them. :)

    The shrieking nerve pain in the foot has subsided somewhat. However I tried again to start the trip to the exhibition and had to turn back before I got as far as the tube!

    There's a nice balance to be found between walking enough to stretch the ligaments and too much (which is when they tighten and then snap - and then it's back to crutches for me!)

  15. Congratulations, Katherine. Your work has a very special quality of design!

  16. Not surprised they were accepted - beautiful works!


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