Sunday, February 20, 2011

20th February 2011 - Who's made a mark this week?

I was rather preoccupied last week with an exhibition and an AGM which is why I haven't as yet got to see what I hope will be one of the major exhibitions of the year - the Watercolour Exhibition at Tate Britain.  Not being able to wait, I've already bought my exhibition catalogue so I know what all the works are and who's in and who's not.

Rachel Pedder-Smith
Bean Painting: Specimens from the Leguminosae family 2004
Kew © Rachel Pedder-Smith
One of the images which jumped out at me and I'm really looking forward to seeing is Rachel Pedder Smith's fascinating painting of beans.  Who says botanical art is boring!  Do click the link in her name to see more of her work.

Those coming up to London in April to visit the Annual Exhibition of the Society of Botanical Artists would do well to pay a visit to Watercolour as it has a strong botanical art section with works by the greats of botanical art (Ehret, Bauer, Sydney Parkinson, Margaret Mee)

Sheila Hancock also started a series on BBC1 tonight - all about watercolour.  This is the iPlayer link to an hour's worth of Sheila Hancock Brushes Up: The Art of Watercolours.  You can also see Sheila looking at Turner's Blue Rigi and his travelling paintbox in a video on the page about the exhibition.

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    My sketch of Constable's "Boatbuilding near Flatford Mill"
    11" x 16", pen and sepia ink and coloured pencils
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    • and Charley Parker (Lines and Colors) got interested and has also done a post about Paintmap.  However he's done a much more in-depth review than me! :)
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      Liz Dulley has done a Review: Inktense Blocks on Derwent’s LovePencils blog.  These are a new product and look a bit like hard pastels but are water-soluble.  Liz explains how this format makes them very flexible.

      The eye sees warm colors as brighter than they are and cool colors, darker than they are.  
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      Websites, webware and blogging
      • This post - Disable Copying Of Images In Your Blog?   on Build a Better Blog - tells you how you can disable copying of your images on a Blogger blog. [ UPDATE:  However (thanks to Nithya) I now know that it renders any blog with lots of links a totally frustrating experience!  I suggest this is only used where you only want people to look and never ever to click eg to that 'for sale' destination! ]
      What this technique does is disable right click and "copy" or "save as" when a viewer puts the cursor on your image. When the viewer right clicks, a message pops up instead - I crafted mine to read "No Copying Please!"
      and finally........

      Prince William and Kate Middleton has upped their street cred!  They now both appear as punks in a graffiti mural on an official street art wall in Southwark.

      Although I can't help feeling that being an official wall makes it a little less edgy!


        1. Hi Katherine,
          I see that right click has been disabled on your blog and the copyright protection popup comes up. Could you either disable the popup, or enable links to be opened in a new tab/window. When we click on the links, it navigates to the linked site and we have to come back every time.

          For me personally, I used to right click and open many links in new tabs and then read them one by one. With disabling the right click, it becomes quite difficult for link intensive posts like your weekly roundup.

          Thank you,

        2. MANY THANKS Nithya for highlighting the problem.

          I tested it with the images and naievely had thought that it only affected the images!

        3. Ditto on Nithya's request. :)

          Re the Turner in the Watercolour exhibition (which I haven't seen yet but looking forward to it!), it very well could be a limit on what's available. As his watercolours exhibition is still touring (as are many of the large classical landscapes) it just could be down to what was in their stores right now. I had the same reaction to the choices for the Romantics exhibition actually.

        4. Tina - if it was anywhere other than Tate Britain I'd agree with you - however they do have his complete estate in their archives!

          I can't believe all the good stuff is out on loan when they knew they had this exhibition coming up.


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