Sunday, February 27, 2011

27th February 2011 - Who's made a mark this week?

A review of Travels with a Sketchbook in The Times newspaper

Well this has been quite a week!

Two of my works accepted
into SBA 2011
On Tuesday I heard that I'd had three works accepted into the Annual Exhibition of the Society of Botanical Artists - see Artwork accepted into "The World of Plants".

Then on Thursday I was asked whether I could contribute some images to an article about Travels with a Sketchbook in The Times newspaper (as in the newspaper from which every other newspaper called The Times took its name!).

Thanks to everybody who commented on The Times would like to feature my blog!  I'd just like you all to know that sometimes it is worthwhile opening that email that looks like it could possibly be spam!

See above for the coverage.  Traffic shot up six fold on Friday and was nearly five times higher than usual yesterday.  As it was predominantly new readers hopefully some will come back to see some more.  :)

P.S.  Watch out for my article on Ten reasons to sketch with coloured pencils on Derwent's LovePencils blog on Tuesday 1st March 2011.

Art Blogs

Ontario Plein Air Art Society's blog took a stab at getting a debate going this week Of Art and “Art”– A discussion of what is and isn’t- but it hasn't got any takers to date.  It's a good post - why not take a look.

Drawing and sketching
  • From Saturday 12 March - 18 April, the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney will host a free afternoon Sketchabout. You can meet other sketch artists and chat to our Volunteer Guides about the sights in the Garden.  See Garden Sketchabout for more details
Coloured Pencils and Pastels
Aperture Bright by Casey Klahn
11" x 14", Charcoal & Pastel

Three posts on The Art of the Landscape this week
Elsewhere this is what I found this week
Painters and Painting
Learn to put a note down and pull your brush away. The more times your brush hits a note, the weaker it gets. You cannot worry the paint on your canvas into a picture. 
Wildlife Art
    Art Business and Marketing
    Art and the Economy / Art Collectors
    • The Wall Street Journal has an excellent article about the nature of what went on between Leo Castelli and the artists he represented and the collectors - in Leo Castelli's Cache Of Art-History Gold.  Castelli's family donated the records of his gallery, which he founded in 1957 and ran until his death in 1999, to the Washington-based Archives of American Art in 2007 - and they are now organised!
    Art Competitions and Art Societies
    Future Exhibitions
    • The Annual Exhibition of the Royal Society of British Artists opens at the Mall Galleries this week - I'm hoping I get to walk again this week and can visit this.  Lo and behold - we at last have an art society which has woken up to the fact it's possible to have a website which actually shows us the art being exhibited before the exhibition even opens!  I predict this will result in increased sales.
    Sample of works on display on the website of the Royal Society of British Artists
    • RHS London Orchid & Botanical Art Show 19th & 20th March at the RHS Horticultural Halls, Greycoat Street in Victoria.  This is where they award RHS Gold medals to botanical art!  Almost always guaranteed to include work by overseas artists as well as UK botanical artists.  There's a rigorous process to get this far and all the work is always good.

    Art Exhibitions and art fairs
    Art Education / workshops / Tips and techniques 

    tips and techniques
    Art History
    With 12 paintings never before seen in the UK, this exhibition introduces visitors to the American artist George Bellows and his artist friends, the Ashcan Painters: William Glackens, George Luks, John Sloan and their teacher Robert Henri. The Ashcan School was formed at the beginning of the 20th century. American painters, principally in New York City and Philadelphia, began to develop a uniquely American view on the beauty, violence and velocity of the modern world.
    Art Studios
    Art Videos
    Book reviews 
    Painted Memories by Alison Horridge
    • Alison Horridge (Scribbles Adagio) has produced a book of her childhood memories of St Andrews in Scotland in the 1960s.  Painted Memories is available on Blurb.  The picture on the right is of the page where Alison is told she's moving 'down under' to Australia.
    • Neil Hollingsworth (Paintings in Oil) has also created a Blurb book about his own paintings .  Read all about the process in My First Book and Prints for Sale 
    • Blurb allows you to preview books - make sure to use the full screen option - it's so much better!
    Opinion Poll
    • This month's opinion poll has now closed and there will be a new one along on Tuesday.
    Websites, webware and blogging
    and finally........

    They do say that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

    Which would explain why Xavier Oakley (Xavier's Art Blog)- son of Julie Oakley (Julie Oakley Sketchblog) - has now got a Blue Peter badge after being shortlisted - out of 35,000 no less - to the top 100 of his age-group for his entry to the Blue Peter competition to design the logo for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

    More information (plus what you get if you actually win a Blue Peter Badge!) in an Award-winning designer.  I've met Xavier and am happy to predict this young man will go far! Old art bloggers will remember Xavier as one of the stars of One Mile from Home Julie's blogging/walking project in 2006-7.


    1. hooray for Xavier! :) I prefer his entry to the winner anyway.

      And interesting about Twitter backgrounds. Do you actually use itself to read? I have something there but I think just a side bar. Don't know many people who actually go to the site rather than use a dedicated Twitter app so didn't think it was as important anymore. Will rethink!

    2. I use both. Ordinary twitter if I'm just reading and doing occasional tweets and Tweetdeck if I'm doing tweets for more than one account.

      My guess is most people will use the normal twitter website or the mobile version.

      The point is that the background to the ordinary site is big and there to be used.......

    3. Thanks for the exposure of my pastel this week, Katherine. I have a nice community of comment-givers and that helps in the blogger world.

      Congratulations again on your newspaper feature and also on your acceptance in the exhibition. Wow - you will be even more busty than usual, I think.

    4. I do hope that's a typo Casey as I wasn't planning on buying a new bra this week! ;)

    5. Katherine - Congratulations on having three works accepted for the SBA exhibition (lovely drawings) and for the Times feature!! Just brilliant!!

      All the very best.

    6. Thank you Katherine for including my book this week - very exciting for me - and for your comment on the Blurb site. I don't know how you manage all the work for your so interesting and informative blog as well as coming tops in your drawing. Congratulations anyway.


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