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11th July 2010 - Who's made a mark this week?

The green green grass grasshopper hair grip by Bizzie Birdsworth.

The trend for 2010 seems to be that more and more art bloggers are publishing books on a blog.  Andrea Joseph is back online and updating hers - called Book on a Blog.  I loved the grasshopper automaton hair grip


Art Blogs

Drawing and sketching

Sketch of John Singer Sargent's 
'En Route pour la pĂȘche (Setting Out to Fish)', 1878
copyright Katherine Tyrrell
Painters and Painting
Now floating in the abyss between menopause and senility, I decided I finally needed to completely awaken my Hibernating Artist Within.


Art Business and Marketing

Art and the Economy / Art Collectors

The commentators in the 'quality' press didn't seem to agree whether ot not auctions were being starved of good works of art or that they were being used by the aristocracy as some sort of superior pawn shop.
Long before the economy almost collapsed a year ago, art-savvy people argued that works of art are the new equities: one can make more money in the art market than in the stock market.
In her time, Miro has seen the London gallery scene change in two ways. Commercial galleries like her own, once the haunt of dealers and insiders, now attract visitors in much the same way as their bigger, state-funded galleries do. Post-Saatchi, too, the way galleries do business has not just become more global, but more competitive, more combative and more macho.

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  • I'm wondering whether they've got any footie fans working at the Prado in Madrid because it doesn't seem to have gone to the same trouble as the Van Gogh Museum.  Check out the photo posted by the Van Gogh Museum on Twitter and its website.  I loved the next tweet
Due to the homecoming ceremony in honour of the Dutch football team, we will be closed on Tuesday 13 July. More info:

Art Exhibitions

I had a lovely time at the Royal Academy of Arts on Tuesday. Sargent and the Beach is my review of the Sargent and the Sea  exhibition which opened in the Sackler Galleries of the  on Saturday 10th July.  I'm not persuaded that it's all great but some of it is and that's worth seeing.

Major Museums and Art Galleries

Other exhibitions I noted this week are:
Every Day is a Good Day is the first major exhibition and publication devoted to the entire range of American composer, writer and artist John Cage’s prints, watercolours and drawings. Cage was one of the leading avant-garde composers of the twentieth century, most famous perhaps for his silent work of 1952, 4'33".

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Until recently art historians had no clear idea of exactly how changes in a work were developed. Now those mysteries have been largely solved, thanks to an extraordinary array of technologies deployed in putting together “Matisse: Radical Invention, 1913-1917,” an exhibition that opens next week at the Museum of Modern Art

Art Supplies

Book reviews


The Digital Economy Act was rushed into legislation at the end of the last government.  Subsequently it's turned out to attract the most support from proposals from the public for changes to legislation on the new government's new "your Freedom" website

Opinion Poll

and finally........

For all my botanical artist's the day!

"Lois" - the Corpse Flower at the The Cockrell Butterfly Center at the Houston Museum of Natural Science is due to bloom on Sunday.  She's one of the rarest plants in the world because the flowers will be about 5.5 feet tall with a diameter of 4.5 feet.  She's only the 29th in the USA to ever bloom.  You can:
This is the growth rate to date - and she still hasn't yet flowered!

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  1. Thanks so much for the introduction to Peter Fiore! I really like his work and enjoyed the videos. He has a great color sense and is a funny guy too (there is also a lengthy interview with him on YouTube).


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