Saturday, July 17, 2010

BP Portrait Award 2010: List of Exhibitors and Brian Sewell

You can see all the individual works in the BP Portrait Award 2010 on the National Portrait Gallery website.  Below you will also find a list of the names of the exhibitors in the BP Portrait Award 2010 plus where they come from and links to their websites if you want to see what other work they have produced.   The websites I rate are highlighted.

Where there is no website, the link is to the portrait in the exhibition.

Finding the links became an increasingly fascinating exercise as I began to find out just how many of those exhibiting are not dedicated portrait painters.  Plus I found fewer with the standard of website that I'm finding when doing this exercise for other major prizes.  Which I find surprising - but it gave me pause for thought when I read Brian Sewell's article - see end.

Then there's the artist who's produced a painting which I now need to go back and look at again, as I'm now wondering just exactly how it was produced (Shades of the AWS 2008!)

 Ciara by Alan Coulson
 ideath by Michel Ozibko
 Geneva by Ilaria Rosselli del Turco
Plus this is Brian Sewell's review of the BP Portrait Award - Time for a shake-up of the Portrait Gallery's annual award

Brian is always worth a read, if only for the quality of the vitriol (Brian is no longer a fan of the BP Portrait Award) and I think he may just have surpassed himself this year.   For the record, I think some of the things he says are spot on.  See if you can work out which those might be.

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