Thursday, July 01, 2010

Where would you prefer to have an art studio?

 The Artist in his Studio (c.1629) by Rembrandt (1606-1669)

The Making A Mark Opinion Poll for July is very simple and I really can't quite think why I haven't asked this question before. I hope I've got all the options you need! ;)

Where would you prefer to have an art studio?

  • I don't need a studio!
  • the kitchen table (or similar)
  • all around the home 
  • a multipurpose room at home 
  • a dedicated room at home
  • a separate building at home
  • a separate building away from home
  • anywhere but my home!
  • a dedicated studios building with other artists
This is about preference rather than where it is in reality.  Do we all really want to work in a dedicated art studio?

You can find the poll in the right hand column.  It lasts all month and will finish very early on 31st July and I'll post the results later the same day.

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  1. Such a simple question, but so important! Im in the process of taking over one of the empty bedrooms, but really dont know if that is what I want/need. To work alone or with somebody (not anybody)!
    Really look forward to your analysis of this poll. Deborah

  2. So simple, but so important! Im in the process of taking over an empty bedroom or should I? Working alone or with somebody/not anybody! Realy looking forward to your analysis on this poll. Deborah

  3. I chose what I already have - a good sign. OTOH, I want to rebuild the structure. Never satisfied, I guess.

  4. The middle section of the UK.
    Wales, North-West and North-East, ... and maybe a part of "Constable-land"

  5. Sounds like you're after a few hills Rene!

    Constable land is the Suffolk/Essex borders

  6. I've tried almost all the options! haha! From kitchen table, to greenhouse in the garden, to studio with another artist, studios in building as other artists, shared room at home, dedicated room at home, now I'm full-ish circle and back to a studio in a building full of artists.

    To be honest if I look back at the most valuable things in my first 10 years of fulltime painting, networking is top of the list. And much of that networking has come from simply being around other artists, galleries, and such. Even daily banter almost always has an idea, a valuable vent session, or someone mentioning a new show or resource. My one requirement, however, is private space. So a group environment but with my own door on a fully-enclosed studio.

  7. The nineteenth century would be nice, I might even meet some of my heros


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