Sunday, July 25, 2010

Summer Slow Down

Having had a week off from posting to Making A Mark, I've decided to take a lesson from cat Cosmo and "chill out" by continuing with a summer slow down strategy for this blog

Cosmo chillin'
pen and sepia ink
copyright Katherine Tyrrell

Lots of you are on holiday - as is "he who must not be bored while I sketch" - plus we'll be having lots of days out between now and the end of August.

I also found that the break last week didn't mean I wanted to stop blogging.  Rather that I enjoyed the time more since it gave me to catch up with some posts on my other art blogs which have been sadly neglected of late during the mega-planning blight.  I'm also trying not to be seduced by the fact the planning blog is really beginning to take off - got to stop watching those stats!

Consequently I'm implementing an official slow down on Making A Mark until the end of August which will mean:
  • NOT posting daily as I normally do
  • periodic "who's made a mark this week" posts but they will not be weekly
  • occasional important posts
  • more profiling of work by other people
  • some delving into the archives of past posts which will not have been read by most readers
  • some referencing posts on other blogs because....
  • there will probably be MORE posts on my other blogs which always get squeezed when I'm very busy.  For example, there's a series of posts coming up this next week on The Art of the Landscape and I'll probably be posting to my sketchbook blog as we get out and about.  I may even get round to finishing off posts about my last holiday in France!
  • I'll be a lot more refreshed when it comes round to September!!
In the meantime, here's an article for you all to read - How to Slow Down Now (Please Read Slowly) - by the Slow Master, Christopher Richards of,

Is anybody else slowing down for summer?

Catch-up:  Here's the blog posts I wrote last week

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Laureline said...

I'm all for the slowing down! You and I have been blogging for such a long time that it is only natural that we'd need time to stop and refresh. I now have to go and read your recent previous posts to see what it is likely to be going on behind the scenes at MAM! Have a lovely, enriching rest of the summer. I will try to do the same.

Katherine Tyrrell said...

Very true Laura - I'll have done five years at the end of this year!

Behind the scenes I'm leading on planning issues for my residents association on a multi million pound housing development in our neighbourhood which has major problems on the client/developer front in terms of their compliance with planning permission and planning conditions. Two major investigations (by Planning Enforcement and Health & safety Executive) have been instigated so far as a result of our lobbying and they've haven't even got the construction management plan agreed as yet or out of the ground!

If they could just get a bit cleverer at doing what they are supposed to do then I could avoid having to spend 6+ hours a day on it!

Meanwhile I've got to do the formal responses to three more planning applications this week......

meera said...

Its not really slowing down per se -- but in summer garden comes calling and trips and outings, and guests and reading and a few other things all vie for attention and come in the way of blogging and art :) I have enjoyed your blogs very much-- thanks for all the hard work!